Transatlantic Crossings on the RMS Queen Mary 2


I am sure we've all seen the film Titanic; with the love story of Jack and Rose, and the fictionalised account of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. The real romantic story however, was the power of the Transatlantic crossing. These giant ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean, departing from the UK and reaching the USA in about a week, was something the world had never seen before.

Designed by engineering geniuses, and built by the bare hands of skilled labourers, these ships were the pride and joy of each nation they were born from. In this modern day and age, crossing the Atlantic is done all the time, but the romance of such a journey has not lost an ounce of its power though.

Many commercial ships are actually cruise ships, and not ocean liners. The difference? Well, cruise ships are purely for entertainment purposes that cannot cross large distances in a short amount of time, or sail in rough waters. Ships like the Queen Mary 2 however, are the Rolls-Royce of cruising through the oceans. They have fantastic family voyage trips that are very popular for those that want to treat themselves to a luxury ride and adventure.

You can probably tell from the name, but RMS Queen Mary 2 is a British ship. More than twice as big as the Titanic; although her design may be sleek and long (rather than wide and large like cruise ships), she’s extremely sophisticated on the inside. She weighs over 149,215 gross tonnage and is thrust by around 150,000 horsepower - giving her a top speed of 35 mph. There are no class systems anymore, like there was in the Titanic, instead rooms and amenities are dependent of the kind of package you order.

Her maiden voyage was completed in 2004, but she had an extensive refitting and overhaul in 2016, making her even more luxurious. Decor was been updated, along with the addition of many more rooms and improved facilities. Of course she is a classic British ocean liner, not a theme park with a hull. So rather than having a waterpark, you can expect to see jacuzzis, swimming pools and steam baths instead. Theatre, dance performances, and fine dining is what the Queen Mary 2 offers its guests. There are lots of things for little ones to enjoy as well, as there are many play areas and video games onboard.

There are many voyages that happen all year round, but things do start to slow down during the winter season. However the operator line Cunard, does still offer some translation crossing. So if you book a cruise holiday with Bolsover Cruise Club, they can fix you with a roundtrip transatlantic crossing that lasts for 17 nights. The club has every cruise you can possibly think of and all the operators and ships are available. It's the epicentre for all the most notable cruises around the world, but mainly for Western passengers.

You can rest assured that you'll be sailing in luxury when aboard the Queen Mary 2. There are many suites to stay in, all varying in experience, space and decor (and of course price). The Britannia Balcony Staterooms are one of the more basic style of rooms, and are on the lower deck so you will have a closed balcony. If you want to really travel in the highest luxury, then suites such as the Royal Suite and Duplex are for you. They have kingsize beds, extended lounge rooms, and fine dining menu options. The Grand Duplex, is two floors with just about all the space you’ll ever need, splendid materials, decor, features and modern entertainment such as satellite television too. 

Privacy and common courtesy embody what the Queen Mary 2 is all about, and this kind of travelling captivates new customers each day. Ocean liners have a different attitude to crossing continents. Calm and powerful, the crossing from Southampton to New York still sends chills down the spines of all who are lucky enough to get the full British experience. Why don't you book your trip today?

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