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With young children already giving us enough reason to not get a good nights sleep, we didn't need an uncomfortable mattress being another! Our bed isn't even that old, but our spring mattress definitely wasn't at it's best. So when Leesa contacted me, and asked if I wanted to try one of their premium foam mattresses, how could I say no?

The Leesa Mattress has been carefully designed and engineered with three premium foams - Avena foam for cooling, memory foam for body contouring and a 15cm base layer for strength and pressure-relieving core support. Combined and covered with their iconic seamless four-stripe cover, they are designed to give optimum comfort and a peaceful nights sleep.

Ordering our mattress was incredibly easy, and it arrived within a few days in a cardboard box. It may seem a bit strange to some, but I found the unboxing great fun. It's definitely a two-man job though! Watching the mattress grow once taken out of the plastic wrapping was incredible - it literally took minutes for it to look like a regular mattress.

We've been sleeping on our mattress for over a month now, and I can honestly say, I've loved it from day one! Jack was incredibly skeptical, as he thought it would be too soft. But even he has told me how much better he has slept since it arrived.

The Leesa mattress is designed to cradle and support your body, without that sinking feeling you imagine from other foam mattresses. It is the perfect firmness, and I can get comfortable whether I'm on my front, back or side. It doesn't make me feel all hot either, which is another negative I've heard of foam mattresses. I was also worried our regular fitted sheets would be too small for the Leesa mattress, but luckily they still fit perfectly. You do have to stretch them a little more, so a deep-fitted sheet may be a bit easier!

We are soo incredibly pleased with our Leesa Mattress, and I can honestly say it's made a positive difference to our sleep. Even when getting up and down at night with the Littles, I can feel myself melt back into the mattress when I jump back into bed.

This review is in collaboration with Leesa Sleep.

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  1. This looks lovely Emily. How cute is your little one sleeping on it. Bless her. It’s so worth having a comfortable matress a good nights sleep is everything when you are a parent! Xx


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