Lilah at Six Months Old


So our beautiful Lilah Bear is now six months old. 26 weeks. Half a year...

I am not okay with this!

She's growing into such a cheeky little girl, but I am already mourning those hazy newborn days. Everyone is definitely right when they say it goes by much quicker with your second or third. I feel as if Monday arrives, I blink, and then it's Sunday again and Lilah is another week older. It's not fair!

Lilah is now 16lbs 4oz, and has the most delicious leg rolls and chubby cheeks. We've switched over to size 4 nappies - although we're still having trouble with her waking up wet in the mornings. Clothes wise she's still in 3-6 months, although they are getting a little tight now so I fear we'll have to move up soon.

Now she's 6 months old, we've started introducing food to our routine. We slowly began a few weeks ago, letting her taste a few flavours here and there. She's already decided she doesn't want to be fed at all, so I think we'll be following baby led weaning for a third time. As she's still having five 8oz bottles throughout the day, she's not having lots of food yet. We're just letting her try bits and bobs throughout the day - although she always sits with us and has dinner now.

Sleep is always a big question we're asked, and thankfully we're still getting quite a decent night. Lilah now sleeps on her tummy (most likely the reason for the leaking nappies I mentioned earlier), so we've taken the Sleepyhead away. She does wake for her dummy occasionally, but no feeds anymore. She's also still in her Huddle in our room, as I'm not ready for her to go anywhere yet. But she is napping during the day in there now too, as she was rolling in her moses basket!

Lilah has developed and reached so many milestones this month; we honestly couldn't be prouder! As well as starting food, she has cut her very first tooth, is able to sit independently for a good few minutes, and she is crawling around the room too. She's making new sounds every day (I think we're close to hearing da-da!), and gives the biggest belly laughs when you tickle her.

The moses basket, carrycot, and sleepyhead are gone. She's almost outgrown her bouncers. She loves to actually play with her toys. And she doesn't sit still for nappy changes. So those tiny baby days are most definitely gone. But we are so excited for this next stage!

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