The Siblings Project | July 2018


A whole 6 months with these three little beans, and I honestly cannot believe it! One the one hand it feels as if Lilah has been a part of our family forever. But it also feels like just yesterday that she was born. It was actually a whole year ago since we announced that were were expecting Lilah too, which is absolutely crazy!

The bond between our three has definitely become stronger than ever these last fews weeks. The second the big two come into the room, or even if Lilah can hear them, she lights us and gets oh so excited. Indie keeps her entertained on car journeys, and Parker loves to talk to her when she's in the buggy. It's like she has her own entertainment crew - one that never get tired of their job!

When it was just the two of us while the big two were away a few weeks ago, you could tell she felt a little lost. And honestly, life with just one felt far too quiet and empty for me! Of course as they grow, I know we'll have our fair share of sibling rivalry and arguments (I'm one of 7, so I know exaaaaactly what it's like).

But for now, I love the dynamic of three! I love turning around in the car and seeing all three seats filled. Having a baby on my hip and a child either side. Being able to say "yes, they're all mine!" when we're out and about.

Three is seriously that magic number.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Way too cute together here. Photographing three is hard you did so well. How nice has it been out? May it long last over summer time. #siblingsproject

  2. Goodness they all look so grown up! How do you get P to keep so still!? Arch just won't sit... ever!

  3. Love Lilahs expressions! That 6 months has gone super fast though hasn't it? sounds like they are all getting on though and so so proud x

  4. Adorable photos. Lilah is so much like her big sister.x


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