Is Luxury Vinyl is the Best Flooring for your Kitchen


From cooking food to washing clothes, the kitchen requires a flooring option that can withstand heavy foot traffic throughout the day - whilst still managing to look great whilst doing so. This is one of the main reasons why everyone looks to luxury vinyl flooring as the solution is simple. It doesn’t compromise on the style whilst taking on the demands of the kitchen. Here's just a few more reasons why luxury vinyl flooring is the best choice to make.

Adds Warmth

Whilst many homeowners feel the desire to opt for real wood or stone flooring throughout the kitchen, authenticity is truly in the eye of the beholder. Real hardwood and stone are generally considered cold underfoot and susceptible to fading and discolouration when direct sunlight hits them every day. Where luxury vinyl such as Invictus flooring gains a big advantage, not just in its cost-effective pricing, but in its ability to fully replicate the real thing and be softer and warmer underfoot.

Invictus is manufactured to stay at a well-regulated temperature and is also the perfect cover for underfloor heating systems, giving a little extra warmth on colder nights.

Easy to Clean

Among the best qualities, luxury vinyl brings to the table is its ease of keeping clean - a godsend where the kitchen is involved. No matter if it is dirt from the outside or sauce spills from your cooking, your cleaning will be the easiest job you have. Real hardwood and stone will typically retain lasting signs of tough stains and require expensive cleaning solutions to fade them out, whereas luxury vinyl flooring requires little more than simple soapy water and a mop to retain its impressive look! 

Simple vacuuming and sweeping can also help to keep the floor in its original intended look, and you won’t be shilling out extra money on special cleaning chemicals either.

Plenty of Selections

The quality of designs and colours available through the range is definitely among the most popular and inspiring choices on the market. With full practical functionality comes the requirement for versatility in design. You can find plenty of unique designs through real hardwoods to slates complete with stunning finishes, rich tone and the ability to mix and match to give people an insight into your kitchen creativity.

Designed to Last

With luxury vinyl flooring, you are provided with the ultimate product to ensure the long life it deserves.  Bringing new meaning to the term hardwearing, Invictus, such as grey parquet flooring, presents a warranty that spans decades - a true testament to the confidence in withstanding heavy foot traffic over time. This warranty is among the longest terms available in the marketplace and reinforces why luxury vinyl flooring is the best you can find for your kitchen.

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