What Flooring is Best for your Home?


When it comes to style, elegance and reliability within your flooring design planning, luxury vinyl flooring is the product that ticks all of the boxes for satisfaction. The reasons why are plentiful - and so are the benefits. Here are just a few!

A Popular Choice
Popular in both homes and offices, luxury vinyl flooring has expanded from the UK to worldwide as the most popular flooring option available in today’s market. By utilising steps in innovation, beauty and versatility throughout their design, vinyl tiles took huge steps to become one of the most respected products on the entire flooring selection lines.

It's not just designed that this product excels at. Due to its durable layer structure including two PVC backing layers, the ranges available through planks and tiles provide various properties that protect against all types of threats to secure your space with unbeatable quality.

Cheaper Than Most

Whilst some vinyl flooring is more expensive than other brands, brands such as Distinctive flooring are the cost-effective option that provides all the best qualities. Keeping the floors at their maximum level of presentation requires a minimum of effort with a simple sweep and mop with a regular floor cleaner. No need to purchase expensive industry-leading chemicals to keep the vinyl looking like new.

Distinctive is also among the most child-friendly options available, offering safety and comfort for children to play and an easy clean surface for parents - meaning that maximum fun can happen with minimum accidents.

Incredibly Quiet

When it comes to noise reduction, luxury vinyl tiles and planks cover all intrusive sound. With soft underfoot protection deadening any noise levels at a higher rate than other alternatives, you won't be worried about waking anyone up at 3am if you require a late-night snack from your kitchen.

If you tend to move your room around a lot, refurnish after a few months or regularly practice your feng shui, the integrated safeguards in luxury vinyl flooring protect against stubborn scuffs and stains that can occur from furniture removal and incidents. This eliminates the use of surface treatments over time and with easily replaceable sections should any damage occur, you won't be disrupting your entire floor.

Adds Warmth

You can also keep a vinyl floor warm all year round due to its natural companionship to underfloor heating systems, a very popular method throughout the UK currently to save money on heating. No matter which room you look to implement you can be sure you won’t be left in a cold spot, even if you choose stone replicating tile.

By choosing flooring such as grey oak flooring, you choose incredible quality, security, satisfaction, and design with ranges to suit every type of homeowner and taste. It’s no real surprise that it has perfected upon perfection, providing endless consistency to developing homes and increasing the look and feel of luxury vinyl tile standards for years to come.

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