How to Decorate Well for Christmas!


Whether you prefer traditional Christmas decorations, or you are open to investigating a slightly more modern look, the fact remains that decorating for Christmas brings out the child in all of us. The right touches in the right locations, are exactly what you need over Christmas-time to make your house look perfectly festive.

When to put up Christmas decorations?

The short answer to this question, is that you should put them up when you feel like doing so! However, most people feel that any time between Halloween and Christmas is a good time to do so, as the natural flow of the seasonal changes lends itself to the visual change brought about by putting up decorations. 

Christmas decorations are also a great way to transition from the natural colour scheme of autumn, into something cosier and more festive!

Start by Decorating Where People will be

It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home – so why not start there? It is the ideal place to kick off your decorating spree, as the space naturally lends itself to d├ęcor. For example, a wreath on the kitchen table, or Christmas lights framing the window will really set the tone for a festive start. It could even be as simple as swopping out your regular tea towels for something in a red and green colour scheme.

Because the kitchen is where the food is, you could also use what you already have to create Christmas decorations. Nuts and dried fruit in a bowl create a beautiful, warm focal point. You might even consider baking some cookies that can be specifically used as Christmas tree decorations! Gingerbread always works well around this time of year, or you could make salt dough decorations using your children's handprints for a super personal touch!

What is a Good Amount of Lights?

Again this comes down to a matter of personal preference. What you can imagine, you can do, as long as your budget doesn’t get in the way of the overall vision. The type of lights you go for will also affect your ability to expand your system (or not!). Although many types of Christmas lights are manufactured with adapters at the end of the string, your choice of incandescent or LED lights will be the deciding factor in how many strings you can join. This is because the type of bulb also affects the energy usage within the final product, which in turn impacts the running costs!

Real of Fake Tree?

When it comes to the Christmas tree, you really shouldn’t worry about whether you have a fake tree or a real one. People have their reasons for their preferences, and if you are not up for the maintenance on a real tree, but want all of the Christmas spirit, don’t let anyone talk you out of a plastic tree. Just make sure that you take care to fluff out the branches and arrange them symmetrically, as the tree can end up looking ragged if not. Go for broke by adding ribbons, tinsel, themed cushions and whatever else takes your fancy, to turn your home into a Christmas wonderland!

However much you do (or don't) decorate for the Christmas season, just make sure that you follow your own tastes and dreams. Everyone has their own opinion on what is too much, or what is right and wrong when it comes to festive decorations, but whatever you decide will be just right for you!

Merry Christmas!

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