Gift Ideas for Baby's First Christmas


Can you believe that Christmas is just a few short weeks away? I'm thankfully all done buying gifts for my three, but I know there are many people out there who aren't so prepared. I remember feeling completely lost when it came to Indiana's first Christmas, as buying gifts for little girls isn't something I have ever had to do before. She is now 7 (and I've had two more little ones since), so thought I'd share some helpful ideas if you're looking for a gift for a first Christmas this year.

A Special Keepsake 

Shopping for newborns can seem tricky when you first think about it. What newborn needs a whole stack of toys? But I think this age is perfect for buying those special keepsakes that they will treasure in many years to come. 

You could buy a special bracelet to give to them on their first Christmas. You can then add to this each year until they are 18 and have a whole childhood of memories collected together. Not only is this type of gift extra special, but each charm will contain a memory of Christmas over the years. Wonderful right?

Gift them a special keepsake book that you can enjoy reading now, and well into the future. Make sure to sign it with a special message and the date, so that when they go to read it to their own children they can see just how special it is. Fairytales or nursery rhymes are a good idea, or you could even create a special personalised book where they feature in the story.

A Practical Gift

I know many parents who have chosen to gift practical gifts to their young children. Of course a baby cannot really unwrap gifts properly, and they don't need piles and piles of presents, so this route does make a lot of sense! 

Think of equipment your little one many need over the next few weeks or months and use Christmas as an excuse to buy it now. A highchair, Jumperoo style toy, or even furniture for their nursery - whatever you decide just remember that it's an investment for your child's future.

Toys for them to Enjoy as they Grow

When my three were younger and celebrating their first Christmas (and still to this day actually), I always made sure to buy them gifts that they could enjoy over the year as they grew. They may not be used straight away, but they will be used eventually, and it means you don't have to go out and buy more toys throughout the year.

V-Tech and Leap Frog do a great range of toys that can be used over a large age range. Your little one will probably enjoy the bright lights, colours and sounds at first, but as they get bigger they can use the learning functions. These types of toys are usually got investment pieces too that you can save for future children!

I really hope this post has give you some ideas for your little ones first Christmas. If you're looking for gifts for older ones, why not check out my gift guides that I've created for more inspiration!

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