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We're now a term into Parker's first year at school, so I thought I'd share a little update on how he's settling in and getting on, now that those first weeks are over with. I wrote a similar post for Indiana last year, and it's so interesting to see how different they are already!

As you know Parker only turned 4 in August. With Indie she was almost 5 when she started, so I wasn't too worried about her, but I was really nervous about Parker's school journey starting with him being so so little. But actually, he has taken to the big change incredibly well. From his first day (when he was only doing half days) he has come out excited and full of stories of his day. He loves both his teacher and his TA, and has already formed lots of little friendships within his class.

Parker is also learning so much already, and can already recognise lots of his phonics and spell his name. He had absolutely no desire to learn before starting school, so this has been so lovely to watch, and his teacher has told us that he's keen to learn which is great. We even got his very first reading book home last weekend which seems like a big milestone! For me sometimes it does feel like history is repeating itself, as I only did the whole reception year last year. But it does still feel exciting and special because Parker is loving it and learning so much.

The last few weeks haven't been all smooth sailing though. We've had a few little issues with behaviour and listening, but honestly that's nothing new for us. He's got a group of boys he plays with, and I can definitely imagine them getting into mischief and messing around in places like phone booths in the future. He is still so little though, and as each week passes his behaviour is improving, so here's hoping we have a much better term!

We have Parker's first parent's evening this week, so I cannot wait to hear more about how he's getting on and see his books and work. We are so proud of how well he's settled into school life, and I just hope he keeps his excitement for school for a long time yet. 

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