How to Squash those Wedding Day Nerves


Even if you've planned a very low-key affair, your wedding day is always going to be a huge event. It’s the union of two people, which is something to be celebrated no matter if you follow tradition or prefer something of your own making! But no matter what you have planned, even with everything sorted and all the plans in place, it is completely normal to feel nervous and anxious on the day itself.

Therefore there's absolutely no shame in planning or emotionally preparing for your wedding day, In fact many people (both male and female) consider this absolutely necessary. After all, experiencing the day with nothing but anxiety and a little worry, no matter how irrational, can somewhat put a dampener on things! But hopefully after reading this post, you'll come away feeling a little bit more relaxed, as I'm going to share my top pieces of advice to help you emotionally prepare for your wedding day.

Self-care is an important practice to keep on top of, especially in the months leading up to your wedding day. Many brides feel the need to lose weight before the big day, but this isn't necessary at all. But making sure YOU feel confident and happy on the day is essential. Taking the time to find comfortable and well-fitting underwear to wear under your dress can make a huge difference.

If you feel stressed, care for yourself. Take it easy. Spend some time reflecting, or time engaged in a restorative practice that can help you feel like much more of yourself. You would be stunned as to just how effective this can be, and how regularly practiced this can reduce your stress and anxiety by several levels, if not nullifying it completely. Why not even head to a spa for the day with a sibling or friends, to help you relax and switch off from all things wedding for a while. 

No matter how well you plan your wedding day, you can never be one hundred percent sure that things will go completely to plan. Things such as the weather are completely unpredictable! But that small slice of doubt can lead us to stress over the most minor details. This is where visualisation might help. Simply sitting back and thinking about the wedding going well, about the ceremony you’re to have, about bonding with your family members can really help relax your mind. This way you can feel the day becoming a success, and it also helps you subvert your subconscious worry while thinking about the day as something possible and wonderful to experience.

The Best Services
The age-old story of ‘you get what you pay for’ is perhaps most illustrated when it comes to any wedding day. You are only going to have this special day once, so you'll want to have and use the best! Using a professional service such as that offered by Vittore Buzzi would be a great choice, as you will you know beyond anything else that you are in good hands - and then you can feel much less worried about how the day is experienced too.
Wedding Rehearsals
A wedding rehearsal can really help you prepare for the day. Not every one will be able to make it to your wedding rehearsal, but it can give you the chance to show the photographer around, ensure that the catering services are able to set up in preparation, and make sure that everyone knows where their seating is. This will hopefully iron out any kinks that may have been causing you to worry previously,  plus it will be a good chance to catch up with your wedding party before the big day too!

Speak About your Nerves
Bottling up your emotions is never a good thing, and so if you do feel true anxiety or worry, then speaking about it to your family or spouse can be important. You could also try using natural remedies such as Kalms or Rescue Relief to help you gain a better standard of sleep, and help reduce your nerves on the day. Speaking about your nerves is important, because simply releasing them can stop those little thoughts and emotions from bouncing around your mind too much. If things are really worrying you though, then it might be a good idea to visit your Doctor.

Meet Some of your Guests Prior
For some, a wedding day may be the time in which they reconnect with their family, or friends that they haven’t seen in some time. When reconnecting with these people on your actual wedding day, you may find your nerves a little heightened. After all, we all feel just a little more alert when meeting someone after a long time, even if you used to be super close.

It might be worth going for a coffee with a distant family member before, speaking to them on the phone, ensuring that you know who they are bringing as their plus one and even adding them as a friend on social media can be important. This way the social arrangement of your wedding day needn’t be cause for additional concern.

Feelings of Guilt
It’s not uncommon for brides to feel a sense of guilt on their wedding day, especially if they’re not used to being the centre of attention. But when you think about it, although your wedding day is going to be the biggest day of your life, it's just another lovely day for everyone else. So don't feel too stressed about making everything perfect, as long as it is for you. Everyone is likely going to have a great time, and one day in your lifetime where you are able to celebrate yourself and your marriage is more than acceptable!

Hopefully this has helped you feel a bit more relaxed about you big day, and good luck!
This is a collaborative post.

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