Simple Ways To Beat The Winter Blues


With the clocks going back any day now, and the colder, dark evenings returning. It's completely understandable to feel a little down. I'm sure many of us dread this time of year, and while some of us get mildly depressed during the winter as a consequence, there are those of us who suffer worse, due to a condition called seasonal affective disorder (or SAD for short).

So, if you're prone to low moods during the cold and chilly months, and if you're in need of an uplift, here are some suggestions to help you beat the winter blues.

Especially for those suffering from SAD, the lack of sunlight during the winter is the instigator of depression. We can all feel low when the dark nights set in, so no matter how bad your mood, it could be worth your while adding more lights to your home. Be it extra lamps in your living room or hanging lights on your porch, fill in those spaces where they are more likely to make a difference to you. Of course, remember to use energy-efficient lightbulbs if you follow this idea, as you don't want to see a massive price hike to your electricity bill!

Household Repairs
For all the beauty of winter, there is of course the ugly side too. The chills coming in through ill-fitting doors and windows, the sludge and debris that cause blocked drains, and of course the increased energy bills from the heating, lights and electrical items constantly being switched on. Take some time now to fix some of these issues, so hopefully when the middle of winter arrives, these aren't such a problem.

Think of the Positives
Okay, so it's dark and cold outside, and the rain doesn't help matters when you're outside. But think about the extra bonding time you will spend with your family when you're cooped up inside. Think about the winter foods that will fill your bellies. Imagine the snowball fights you will have with your family (for those of you dreaming of a white Christmas). And on that note, remember that it is almost Christmas! You can have a happy family home despite the seasonal changes, so try to look on the bright side of things too.

Boost your Happiness
Don't isolate yourself, or allow yourself sit around feeling grumpy and blue. Instead do the things that you know will help boost your happiness. Spend time with family and friends. Play games of an evening with your children, and continue with your hobbies (even if it's bad weather!). Lift your mood with the powerful effects of exercise, and eat a healthy diet. And although it's easy said than done with children, try to get plenty of sleep, so you're fully refreshed and energised to take on each day.

By taking these steps, you might just beat those Winter blues and stay smiling all the way through to the Spring. Enjoy!

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