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As your family grows it's safe to say that your house becomes increasingly smaller. It's not that the physical space has actually got any smaller, but with extra people comes lots of extra possessions... it's going to feel cramped! However if moving isn’t an option then it’s time to take a look at some ideas on how to make your space feel bigger and in this post that’s exactly what I'm going to share.

When you need a little more space in the family home, it’s a great idea to begin with the basics. Those mountains of children’s paintings and drawings can be secretly thrown away or scanned if you really need to make copies of them. Go through a room a day and start the process of throwing away anything that’s unsuitable for being recycled or donated to charity. Make it a priority to take those charity bags to their intended destination and not just left piled up in corners, ready to sit and gather dust. 

Make Plans
Even though you might not be in a position to physically move home, that doesn’t mean you can’t change the home you’re in - especially if you’re set on making your current property your forever house. This might mean drawing down on your mortgage or looking into home loan brokers, it’s worth a thought when you know that extra space would be a god-send.

You could start by looking at a conventional extension (ideally over two floors if budget allows to maximise space), which will add more rooms and therefore space. Expanding upwards with a loft conversion could even create another bedroom. If that’s not possible then just reboarding the floors and giving the loft a good clear out might make it a more effective space for storage.

Clever Storage
If you are really in need of space, then having a thorough sort out will make a huge difference. Minimalism is a current popular trend where you look to only keep items that sparks joy; not keeping things for the sake of it and hoarding items 'just in case'. You can use this simple golden rule to help - If you haven’t used it for more than six months, then you don’t need it. 

If lack or storage is an issue in your home, then make sure to make use of clever storage ideas. Stacking boxes are useful ways of squeezing more storage into a corner. You might also find it useful to think about putting up some more shelves around your home to help take the pressure off some of your drawer space.

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