How to Maximise Space in your Home


Whether you have a small or a large house, it's likely that you still need more space. With a growing family, birthdays, Christmases and school 'creations', the accumulation of 'stuff' is never-ending. No one ever seems to buy something new and throw something away at the same time, so you end up just gathering more and more things until you have a good clear out. If this is the case, and you simply can't bear to part with any possessions, maybe it's time you maximise the space you already have instead!

Open up the Entrance - Maximise the space you have as you walk through the front door, by placing a bench or seating area here if you have room. This is ideal spot for everyone to remove shoes, and put their bags on when rushing off to school. If you don't have the space for a seat, then just placing some hooks on the wall and adding some open shelving will make a big difference.

Maximise Space in the Kitchen - The kitchen is the busiest room of most people's houses, so it needs to be functional. Maximise space with vertical storage shelving, that you can then fill with drawer organisers and food storage containers for your dry goods. If lack of shelving is as issue, then why not purchase 'cupboard steps', so you can stack things such as tins and spices to save space, but while still being able to see everything you have.

Use Clever Storage in the Bathroom - If you have a cupboard then make sure you use it for your towels (much more tidy than a towel rail), and remember that combi boilers save space as they produce both heating and hot water for your home in one appliance. Baskets under the sink, and open shelving behind the door can be handy to store small electrical appliances such as hair straighteners and hairdryers, when not in use.

Buy Furniture Wisely - Maximise space with multifunctional furniture such as ottomans that can hide video game accessories, or coffee tables that feature drawers and open shelving below. Sofa beds create extra sleeping space for when you have guests without having to take up any extra space in the house - ideal for if you don't have a spare room.

Utilise your Child's Room - No matter how old your child is, their room needs to be used for everything from playing and sleeping, to quiet time and studying. Why not hang notice boards to display artwork or assignments on, and get some organisation accessories to keep desks and surrounding spaces free of clutter. Bunk beds are a great space-saver as well as cabin bed as they usually have plenty of storage underneath. Shelves are great for saving floor space too, and can store books, games and any extra clutter your child gathers.

Make the Most of your Bedroom too - Ensure the wardrobes in your bedroom are appropriately used - keep out of season clothing in under bed storage containers (the vacuum kind are the best!) and also invest in organisers which separate type of clothes, accessories, and shoes. If you really need to save space then it might be worth investing in a bed with built in storage - some have built in shelves, or an ottoman style will hold lots more.

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