5 Ways to Create the Perfect Child's Bedroom


If you are renovating or even decorating your child’s bedroom, then hopefully this post will be helpful for you. I'm going to be sharing a number of tips and helpful advice, to make sure you create the perfect bedroom for your little ones, whatever their age!

Study Areas
If your children are older, they will most likely need an area where they can do their homework. Consider investing in a plain white desk, as this type of furniture is more likely to grow with your child's style and changing tastes. It can also be placed in any decorated room, so could potentially be passed down to younger siblings in the future if needed.

Create a Hideaway or a Secret Den
When your children are little, they are likely to have lots of friends over for play dates and parties. So you will want to create a space that they are happy to show off to their friends. Why not create a hideaway or secret den area in their room, by hanging a curtain rail underneath a mid-sleeper - add lots of cushions and fairy lights to make it extra special. This could also be used as a perfect spot for reading and relaxing when your child wants some space too.

Monochrome Colours are Best for Babies
Research has shown time and time again that monochromatic colour schemes (black and white) are best for younger children, especially babies. Of course you might not want a complete black and white room - that's not very cosy and calming for babies. But maybe create an area of the room where they can enjoy monochrome touches. The changing area or reading corner would be a great choice, as I'm sure you'll be spending a lot of time there with your little one!

Hidden Storage
There are plenty of bedroom designs that come with hidden divan storage; the best thing about this is that your child can keep their room tidy much easier, and it also eliminates the need for you to have a chest of drawers too (saving space!). If your child is likely to have regular sleepovers, then it may help to invest in a bed that has a pull-out mattress underneath as well.

Avoid Bold Colours
You may think that bright pink is the way to go if you have a little girl, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Instead try and opt for colourful decorations and finishing touches, and keep the walls more neutral. This will not only create the idea of more space in the room, but will be easier to update in the future as your child grows. You could even add some creativity to your child's room by decorating basic items with free SVG files, there's so many different designs to choose from.

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