Three Steps to a Happy Family Home


Day to day life can be stressful and all consuming - especially if you have a high power job or lots of tasks to do each day. So having somewhere that's your safe haven to come home to each day each is incredibly important! Did you know that studies also show that children who see pictures of themselves hanging in there home, have greater confidence and self-esteem than those who don’t? So not only are you creating a happy place for you to live, but also for the whole family to benefit from.

But where to start? In this post I'm going to share three ways to create a happy and enjoyable environment in your home, most of which incorporate the whole family too. I hope you find this helpful!

Hang your Child/ren’s Art
When your children start creating their first little masterpieces it can be tempting to keep every single piece of art. And that's completely understandable! But how can we display this without looking like you have just shared it on the wall without care? One idea is to buy a collage photo frame to create a collage from all of those different creations. You could also decide on a few favourites, and then laminate them and display them on your walls (filing away the other pieces that don't make the cut). Both ideas make it easy for you to update the displays as and when you want / need to as well.

Take Family Portraits
Investing in some professional portraits is a beautiful way to celebrate your family. You can then either purchase the prints from your photographer to display, or even get them put onto a canvas or a photo collage. You don't even need to pay a professional either! If you have a camera (or even a smartphone) and a tripod you can save money and just take your own. Plenty of websites, and even stores such as Boots, offer photo printing services that could be a lot cheaper than using a professional.

Another way to brighten up your home and also spread some key messages, is to have some printed affirmations on your walls. These can range from "you are loved" to "as far as anyone knows we're a normal family". The beauty of these is that they can be completely personalised to your family (some companies will even personalise them with your family names / quotes for you), and you can decide where to hang them.

This is a collaborative post.

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