Is Winter the Best Time to get Married?


Getting engaged is such an incredibly exciting moment in your life. Prosecco will be popped, you’ll be congratulated by all of your friends and family, and showing off your beautiful new ring on your finger. But when do you start planning the big day? And when actually is the best time to get married?

A lot of people pick the date dependent on a special occasion - the engagement date, the date of your first date, etc. But a lot will pick their favourite time of year and then a date. If you are dead set against a long engagement, you will you have to think of how long it will take you to plan and prepare a wedding for the following year. Is waiting until the next one just that little bit too long? Plus there’s a much better chance that you can secure your dream venue faster if you book further in advance, or choose an off-peak date to get married.

There is something truly magical about a winter wedding. This collection - (put together by Manor By the Lake) has so many beautiful, inspirational ideas. Not only is a winter wedding a very classy option, but it has the distinct advantage of having no weather pressure. Instead of scanning weather reports weeks in advance, and hoping right up until the day itself that the sun will make an appearance, you can relax, knowing that you have put every provision in place for the winter to do its worst.

You might be worried that there will be fewer options for flowers come the winter months but there are still many fabulous options. The deep reds will look very striking against a white dress, and there are options to include more creative choices in your bouquet. Pine cones, holly springs and even a sprinkling of 'snow' could make a bouquet that extra bit special!

There are some truly beautiful dresses out there for winter too. Of course if you're getting married in the colder months you might want to consider sleeves or extra accessories. However even if the dress you fall in love with is sheer and strapless, you can always accessorise with gorgeous fur stoles, or spangled shawls, long, white satin gloves and you could always wear your thermals underneath - no-one would ever know!

This blog post has some great tips on quashing those pre-wedding nerves. But overall, remember to plan it your way (and that includes holding it at whatever time of year you like). Come rain or shine, your wedding will be fine, and perfect for you.

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