The Siblings Project | November 2019


I absolutely love the photos we got of our three little Peachicks for this month's Siblings Project post. They are so natural and joyous - and were actually a breeze to capture for once too! Taken on one of our many woodland walks this month, I love that they really capture the beauty of Autumn too.

It's crazy to look back on November's Siblings Project post from last year, as they have all grown so so much since then. Lilah was just a little dot in her buggy unable to walk, and now she's able to run alongside the big two. Parker is now grown up and at school (although still able to fit into that puddle suit). And Indiana is just about to turn 6, smashing school, with almost 3 lost teeth and nearly as tall as me! The three of them are such a team now, playing and exploring together, and of course bickering between the three of them constantly too.

I have contemplated stopping sharing these Siblings Project posts on my blog from next year. With the three of them growing up (and running off in three different directions), it's becoming so much harder to take the photo, let alone find the time to sit and write up the post. Of course I will keep posting regular photos of them over on my Instagram, but I think I'll keep these posts to maybe a round up throughout the year instead.

Of course I will complete this year of photos, especially as December is such an exciting month with lots to capture! Indiana turns 6 in just over a week, we have all of the Christmas celebrations and then it's not long until little Lilah turns 2 either. I absolutely love this time of year, and I cannot wait to enjoy (nearly) every moment with this little trio of mine.

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