What's In My Hospital Bag?


I've been putting it off for weeks and weeks but I've finally packed my hospital bags! With this being my second I have definitely not been as rushed and worried this time, and I've certainly not packed as much as I did the first time. If I'm honest I'm looking at my bags thinking I've missed something haha, but I've got all the essentials.

Our hospital is also only a 5/10 minute drive away from our home and a Tescos so if worse comes to worse, Jack can always go get anything I need! We're hoping to be in and out as quickly as possible anyway this time so didn't want to over-pack either.

For my bag I've used the same one we used with Indiana; a simple holdall with perfect amount of room for everything. For baby's bits I've used our trusty Pink Lining 'Yummy Mummy' changing bag. It feels so strange to be using this again as Indie hasn't needed a 'proper' changing bag for quite a few months now!

So here's what is inside my bag:

Maternity Notes 
Pampers size 1 nappies - these wouldn't fit in baby's bag
Light dressing gown
Bikini top
Old & dark towel and flannel
Flip flops
Maternity pads x2
Empty carrier bag for dirty clothes

Nursing tops x2
Comfy dark jogging bottoms
Fluffy Socks
Cheap dark underwear x3/4
Maternity sleep bra
'Going home outfit' - Leggings and a nursing top

Wash Bag (mostly travel sizes for convenience):
Shower gel (decanted into travel bottle)
Dry shampoo
Nursing pads
Lansinoh Lanolin nipple cream
Chewing gum
Hair bands and kirby grips
Face wipes

I remember definitely over packing for baby with Indiana. I took in so many sleepsuits/vests and a 'going home outfit' that just wasn't necessary! It's also been slightly different this time as Indie was a winter baby and this little one is a summer baby. You need more for a winter baby I think due to more blankets, more layers, etc.

Nappy bags
Sudocrem (small pot just in case)
MAM dummies x2
Socks x2
Hats x2
Teddies x2 (the grey Jellycat one will be Indie's gift to baby boy)
Recieving blanket
Light cardigan
Muslins x3
Short sleeve vests x6 (3 in First size, 3 in Newborn/Up to 1month)
Sleepsuits x6 (3 in First size, 3 in Newborn/Up to 1month)

There are a few things I still need to buy and add at the last minute including:

Nursing bras x2
Arnica tablets
Snacks & drinks
Makeup bag (just in case!)
Jack's bits (change of tshirt/deodorant/toothbrush)

Looking at it laid out like this makes it look like we've packed hardly anything haha, but I'm sure we'll be fine! Let me know if there's anything you would add / takeaway. It's always good to hear other people's opinions as there's surely something I've forgotten. 


  1. I would swap the water wipes for newgenn ones as they were purposely made for babies on neonatal units so more better and kinder to babies skin. I would also avoid using sudocream all together as it contains a lot of nasties that just don't need to go on babies skin. Newgenn do a good foam emollient which is very very gentle.
    I took poop softners in my bag haha, because after my first child I will never forget my toilet experience haha.
    I think you have everything else covered! X

  2. Yay! You're ready! Can't think of anything you've missed except the snacks! ;-) xx

  3. Your all organised i remember not packing my bag until the night before i went in for my induction haha. Is it starting to feel more real now the bags are all packed ? xx


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