38 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


38 weeks pregnant and baby boy is still well and truly snuggly inside haha. I've still not started believing that we'll have a baby soon even though it's so close now - just like when I was pregnant with Indiana! Baby is now the size of a leek at around 6/7lbs and measuring roughly 49cm. I really cannot wait to see how big this little man will be; from the start he's felt big, but just how big?!

This week my nesting instinct finally kicked in! On Mondays Indiana is at nursery so I had the whole day to tidy and sort (as well as getting lots of wedding planning done). All I've wanted to do is get all his bits ready and prepared and I definitely feel better now they are. All of Indiana's old bits - bouncer, playmat, etc, have been washed and got back out. The base and car seat are now installed in the car too, so all we need now is our baby!

Apart from that it's been a pretty average week. My ribs still haven't been getting any relief, and this baby loves to stick out making hilarious shapes of my belly. A number of times this week he's been sticking limbs out of the sides. We then play a game of me poking them back in and him popping up in a different spot haha.

I've got the midwife again tomorrow for my 38 week appointment. Hopefully she'll have more positive news and baby will still be heading in the right direction! I've woken up today with a horrible cold and feeling sick - hopefully this goes if baby does plan on arriving anytime soon haha.


  1. Gosh not long now, I hope it all goes really smoothly when the time comes. Your nesting has reminded me I need to get Zs old bouncer down from the attic and give it a good scrub! :)

  2. Awww so close to meeting your little man. Can't wait to see the update that announces his birth!

  3. A leek?? Worst description ever for carrying a 38week baby bump! So close now #MaternityMonday

  4. So pleased all is going well, it's excitingly close now :) I hope the cold passes quickly for you x #MaternityMonday

  5. You're on the home stretch now, I can't wait for my nesting period to start as I really need to get organised at home.

  6. Can't believe how quick this has gone!!! Won't be long now xx


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