Parker's 14 Month Update


Oh beautiful boy, you're now 14 months old!

This month feels as if it's gone a lot slower, which I've really enjoyed. We've had time to enjoy every moment, and I really feel as if I've taken in a lot more of Parker's little quirks.

He's definitely still a cheeky boy, and is always bursting with energy. Although saying that, one of his favourite things to do is to bring me a book and snuggle up while we read. So I know he is capable of sitting and relaxing.

Parker has most definitely found his voice. From the second he wakes until he goes to bed he's constantly chatting away, babbling to himself and us, full of passion for what he's trying to say - especially if the word is NO.

Of course his favourite word is still "mama", which is what he usually ends up shouting when he's upset, been told off, annoyed or simply cannot see me. New words this month include mine, me, shoe and yay (which he knows to use in celebration). Indiana was very chatty around this age too, so I reckon he's going to be very similar to her in this respect.

Stats wise he's in mostly 12-18 month clothing now, still size 5 nappies and a size 4 shoe. He's popped 3 more teeth, giving him 4 at the bottom and 6 at the top. Naps have been tricky this month, with him fighting them a lot more. I've realised he doesn't need to go down so early, so by making them later we've got back into a good rhythm with them. He definitely needs a haircut soon; his hair is SO thick and is covering his eyes already.

Parker absolutely loves his food and doesn't really turn down much. He has 2 bottles a day (sometimes one with his afternoon nap), 3 meals a day plus a couple of snacks. Pasta is still a favourite, along with meat, fruit and cheese.

This month Parker has been loving dancing, Paw Patrol, climbing, running, going places he shouldn't (bathroom, kitchen cupboards, water, roads - he's still very mischievous!), making new friends, 'talking' on the phone and giving big sloppy kisses. He's hated holding hands, going where we want him to, naps and not getting his own way.

He is a very demanding, tiring little boy. But the second he's napping I miss him and his cheeky little face! Here's to another busy month with our cheeky little pickle.

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  1. I love how chatty and cheeky he is - such delightful little boy


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