Top Weaning Cutlery and Dinnerware Products


Whether you plan on taking the traditional route, or want to dive into the world of baby led weaning, getting your child to understand and use cutlery and proper dinnerware can be a daunting task.

It will be messy. It may be frustrating.

But it's got to be done!

Luckily there are some fantastic products around now to make the process a whole lot easier!
1 - Divider Plates | 2- Suction Bowl | 3 - Soft Weaning Spoons | 4 - Weaning Plates | 5 - Cutlery Set

1 - Divider plates are fantastic, and this one from Babymoov is extra special. It comes in a little gift box, complete with bowl, cutlery and cup! They allow you to give your child a selection of foods at the same time, so that they can decide what they want to eat - without it getting all mixed together.

2 - If you're baby led weaning you NEED an unbelieveabowl. The suction cup sticks to the table or highchair, and then you click the bowl into place. This means you can give your baby a bowl without worrying that they'll throw it across the room.

3 - When you first start weaning it's best to invest in some soft spoons. You can go for the long type if giving purees, but I prefer these ones. They're regular size (so easier for Parker to hold) but still soft for developing mouths.

4 - Once you think baby is ready to move on from bowls, these are ideal. The non-slip bottom holds the plate in place (or at least does a better job than plates without). Try sticking with plates with a rim, as these not only keep food in, but creates a little barrier which helps them with picking up food!

5 - When your baby hits 12 months you can introduce 'proper' metal cutlery.You'll find these are better at picking up food - Parker definitely gets on much better with these.

Disclosure - This post is part of my work as a Babymoov #stresslessweaning ambassador. I received certain products as part of this role.

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