The Start of a New Adventure | Indiana Starts Preschool


"When I grow up I want to be a mermaid, and Parker can be one too!" - Indiana, 3

Blow drying Indiana's hair last night, I suddenly became all emotional. Today our little girl starts preschool, and life as we know it is changing.


Packed lunches.

Being up, dressed, and out the house for school runs.

It's the start of our beautiful girl growing up and becoming more independent. From today it'll never be just me and my two babies at home. Three days a week Indie will be off to preschool. Then soon enough she'll be starting school.

And I'm not sure I'm ready...

I know Indie completely is though. It's all she's talked about over the Christmas break. She couldn't wait to put on her jumper and make her packed lunch. She practically skipped down the road to her school.

I'm so proud that she's taking to it so well. I cannot wait to pick her up at 3 o'clock and hear about her day!

My baby girl is growing up.

And I cannot wait to start this new adventure!


  1. I hope she enjoyed her first day! She looks so grown up :) ox

  2. She looks so happy and grown up bless her!
    Sarah | A Mundane Life


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