The Siblings Project | September 2018


I feel as if there's been a huuuuuge change between my three since last month. Maybe it's Indie starting school, or the fact Lilah is standing in the last two pictures, but they just all look SO BIG. Especially Lilah who looks more than an 18 month old, than an 8 month old. It's not fair!

Our new routine is going well so far - although Indiana still hasn't started school full time, so I'll have to report back once she does. Towards the end of summer I could tell they needed some time apart, and I think it's made a huge difference with the big two. They do bicker and argue a hell of a lot (read: LOADS), but I feel they enjoy their time together a lot more now. They actually want to play together, and will sit practically on top of one another, snuggled on the sofa in the evenings. 

It's been so strange having just one little one - instead of three crazies - at home during the day too. Of course I loveeeee having more quality time with our little Lilah bear, but I kind of miss the buzz of a busy house. Not forgetting that I can probably get more done with them all home, because they all just entertain each other!

The big two absolutely love their baby sister, and you can tell just how much she idolises them too. She follows them around like a little puppy, and although they still don't really want her to play (not that she let's them stop her!), they do their best to include her. We recently switched to an world-facing buggy for school runs too, and they love entertaining her and making her laugh on the walk. I honestly think Lilah really misses them when they're not here - although it doesn't mean she gets full pick of the toys!

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