Lilah at Eight Months


I am horribly late with this post, but our beautiful little Lilah is now 8 months old. As each day passes she's growing and learning soo much, and I can really imagine her as a toddler, especially now she's so mobile. I had her weighed last week and she was 17lbs 11oz, which has put her above the 50th percentile now. I have a feeling all the food she's eating is starting to make a difference!

On the subject of food, we're now in a really good routine. Lilah now only has three 8oz bottles a day - morning, afternoon and before bed - which means she's eating so much more food. She has her first bottle when she wakes up, and then I give her breakfast once we're back from the school run. She'll then have her first nap which can be anything from 40 minutes to 2 hours. She'll wake and play, and then we have our lunch together before she goes down for her second nap around 1pm. I give her another bottle after school pick up, and then she may have another 30 minute cat-nap before dinner. Her last bottle is at 7ish, and she'll then sleep through from 7pm until 6.30/7am.

She eats everything we have give her, and there's rarely anything left in her bib or on the floor now! She has even started doing the angry shout at us if she's run out of food; she's very much like our other two when it comes to her meals. 

There haven't been many big developmental leaps this month, but she has really perfected what she can do. She can now go from laying, to sitting, to crawling, and then back to sitting, which means she get's about absolutely everywhere. She can also climb stairs, which is something I only discovered when I left the gate open by accident... whoops! She's climbing and cruising on everything too, and can reach between furniture to get where she wants. I honestly don't think walking is that far off.

Teething has been the devil this month, along with her first proper full on cold. Lilah now has 4 teeth though, and two more are looking like they'll be popping through at any minute. She has decided she doesn't want to teeth by the books though, and has got her two fangs before her two front teeth. She looks so funny!

I adore all the extra time I get with Lilah now the big two are at school during the week. She is such a cheeky little thing, and such a delight to be around (when she's not overtired or teething...). I just wish I could freeze time and keep her this age forever, as I must say it's my favourite baby stage!

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