Creating A Nursery For Your New Baby


Decorating and gathering items together for your child’s nursery, is one of the most exciting parts of the pregnancy process. Nesting and creating a little haven for you and baby to retreat to is the perfect way to help you get ready for their arrival, and ensure that you have all you need for the day you bring them back home.

It’s also a great chance to make the most of choosing the decor and style in their room, before they are old enough to start making those decisions themselves. There are a mixture of things you’ll need to invest in or source, but focusing on a calm and cosy environment will help you create your dream nursery for your newborn.

The first piece of furniture you’ll probably invest in is a cot for your baby. There are a soo many options available, so you’ll find something to suit every style and budget. It’s worth checking out sites like, so that you have a better idea of what’s out there that's suitable for the space. You might want to invest in a couple of mattress protectors too (accidents will happen), or maybe a cot that can extend into a small bed as your child grows - this is a great way to be thrifty from the get-go.

You’ll probably be feeding and settling your baby quite a lot in their nursery space too; especially for the first year. Therefore, it’s worth finding a comfortable chair for yourself to get cosy in. Place it in a warn corner of the room ,so that it’s a restful and calm area for both yourself and baby. Soft rugs and quilts will help section off spaces where you can put your growing baby down as you pop something away in their room, or play with some sensory toys together too.

As well as a light in the room that’s bright enough for a nappy changes or getting your baby dressed, you’ll need to have some warm, low-lighting options in the nursery too. Nightlights that plug into the wall, bedside lights, and even soft, musical lamps, will all help to soothe your little one as they drift off. The calmer the nursery, the more relaxed both you and your little one will be, so start thinking about your options as soon as possible. 

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