My Three Birth Experiences | Why I Wouldn't Recommend an Epidural


Despite a house full of noise, chaos, and every plastic toy under the sun, I still find it hard to believe I'm a mama to three beautiful children. On the other hand though, I remember each of their births so clearly still...

With Indiana I was your typical first time mum. Blissfully unaware of what was yet to come, I counted down each day to my due date with so much excitement! So when my waters broke on my due date I told as many people as possible - even sharing a status on my Facebook page - and anxiously waited for the pains to come.

Little did I know, that it would actually be almost two days until I would give birth. Eek! I ended up with an epidural, episiotomy and ventouse delivery, which although I know was necessary at the time, still makes me incredibly sad. It ruined my postpartum experience with Indiana, as just sitting was eye-wateringly painful. I also still get back pain from my epidural almost 5 years later.

Although Indiana's labour experience was traumatic, it definitely didn't put us off from having any more children. And so fast forward 20 months, here I was again waiting to give birth! My waters broke at 39+1 weeks with Parker, and although terrified of history repeating itself, my experience the second time was such a positive one.

The thought of being sent home from the hospital put me off from going in at all, so I laboured at home for 90% of the labour. By the time I actually got to hospital, there was just about time to jump in the birth pool before Parker was born.

No medical interventions, just gas and air, and the most amazing positive experience. My recovery was so quick and relatively pain free too, which just proves what a difference an 'easy birth' can make. And although I begged for the epidural, I am soo pleased I didn't get one. Being able to get up straight after birth is such a better feeling, and I dread to think how much worse my back would be now!

Parker's birth changed my mind completely about labour and birth, and was actually one of the factors in deciding to have our third baby. Lilah was another due date baby (I'm apparently incredibly lucky!), and probably my craziest birth. Not because it was a negative experience, but because it all just happened so fast!

I laboured throughout the night, but as my waters hadn't broken, I was adamant it was a false alarm. But at 6.30am everything got incredibly intense, we raced to the hospital, and Lilah was born at 7.59am with just a few puffs of gas and air! We were then home by lunchtime, still rather shocked at what had just happened.

All three of my births couldn't have been more different, but I think it just proves that one negative experience, shouldn't stop you having more children if you want them. I am so lucky that despite Indie's slightly traumatic birth, I’ve had great experiences at my hospital too, with no medical negligence. Did I think I would go on to have another baby (let alone 2!) the days after Indie's birth? Of course not! But I would honestly say I loved giving birth, and I'm actually so sad I'll never get to experience it again.

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  1. I loved giving birth too, definitely a magical time. I laboured fairly quickly with all four of mine, however I cannot initiate labour myself - I had to be induced every time.


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