4 Things to do This Autumn!


It’s often a bit sad when we say goodbye to the summer months. The end of long, warm nights and family BBQs, and back to cooler weather and all the rain. When the nights get darker quicker it can often make us feel a little low too. But there’s so much to look forward to in the next few months!

Here you’ll find a definitive list of everything you have to look forward to and accomplish in the colourful, gorgeous months ahead. Because the end of summer doesn't need to be something to be sad about.

Go Fruit Picking
Autumn is a time for the harvest, which means lots of winter veggies are ready, and all your favourite fruits are ready for the picking! You might have picked your Peach Trees from the Tree Center bare all summer long, but now it’s the time of apples, pumpkins, squash, sweet potatoes, cranberries and – if you can’t stomach them - brussel sprouts! Find yourself a local farmers market and head down there to see what you can pick up fresh from the farm. Or make a day of it and head out to a “pick your own” patch with your children.

Host your Own Bonfire
It might not be November 5th just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t host your own bonfire before the evenings get really cold. Invite the neighbours, your friends and family and get the bonfire going before it gets too dark. You could even bring the BBQ back to life and have a little cook out too - sausages, jacket potatoes and of course marshmallows to roast on the fire would make the perfect Autumn feast! And when it gets too cold, you can all head inside for a hot chocolate!

Go for an Autumn Walk
Whether you take your dog, your partner or your little ones, there’s something really magical about taking an Autumn walk. The crunching leaves, the beautiful colours, the sights and smells that make Autumn really special will make for some great Instagram photographs (as well as wonderful memories to hold onto forever of course). If you don’t fancy a walk because of the chill in the air, then plan a picturesque drive through some beautiful scenery instead, and you can maybe make a stop for a drink too.

Get the House Ready
Why not take a weekend and get the house all warm and cosy for the colder months ahead? Swap your bed linen and duvets for thicker, warmer alternatives, and then you can add lots of extra throws and comfy cushions to make everywhere look snuggly and inviting. Maybe even treat yourself to a new candle with a gorgeous Autumnal scent too. You can't go wrong with fairy lights dotted around the house too!
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