6 Ways to Keep your Baby Safe in the Car


As parents, safety is always our number one priority. There are so many hazards in and out of the home that could cause harm to our children, so it's necessary to always be one step ahead of any dangers; taking preventative measures to protect our little ones. And this extends to time in the car too. In this article, we will focus on this one aspect, and give you a few tips on safety when you're out on the road with your children.

  • Buy safety equipment. No, you don't need to buy your child a hard hat (leave that for fancy dress play) but you do need to purchase all the necessary protective equipment for your child. Heading over to www.for-your-little-one.co.uk, consider the range of in-car safety equipment available, including the appropriate booster seats and car seat adapters for your vehicle.
  • Install the car seat properly. After buying a carseat, you need to install it correctly in your car. Reading the instruction manual is a must, no matter how clever you think you are. There is also advice at www.babycentre.co.uk on the best place to affix the seat in your car, and how to do it properly. For further precautions, you might also want to get the seat inspected by a professional. Check this site, https://childseatsafety.co.uk/, to find the nearest expert to you.
  • Clean your car. If you ever needed an incentive to clean your car, then your child's safety should give you the reason to do so. Any piece of debris can be a choking hazard for your little one, so remove anything that is liable to cause harm, from small toys to pieces of food. The cleaner your car is, the safer your child will be.
  • Keep baby entertained. Long car journeys are difficult enough with kids in tow, though we have some advice on our website, https://www.emilyandindiana.com/, that we think you will find useful. But when talking about safety, we are thinking about ways to distract your little one, so you aren't distracted while driving. A back-seat DVD player, baby tunes on the radio, and safe toys are all ways to focus your child's attention away from you. 
  • Install an internal mirror. To keep a better eye on your child, you can install an extra mirror on the inside of the vehicle, to help you see your child in the back seat. Not only will this help you see your child without you having to take your eyes off the road, but it will also help you to preempt any problems your child may be having, such as discomfort in the car seat or overheating.
  • Use your common sense. Finally, remember some basics that will protect your child in the car. Double and triple check carseat straps to ensure they aren't too tight (or too loose). Roll down the window a little way to cool your child down when driving in hot temperatures. And never ever leave your child alone in the car for even a moment (there have been many nightmare stories in the media to remind you why you shouldn't). The more alert you are, the safer your child will be!

Have we missed anything? If you have car safety tips of your own, please let us know, and help us all take measures to protect our little ones while driving.
This is a collaborative post.

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