6 Ways to Keep your Baby Safe in the Car


As parents, safety is always our number one priority. There are so many hazards in and out of the home that could cause harm to our children, so it's necessary to always be one step ahead of any dangers and taking preventative measures to protect our little ones. Of course this also extends to time spent in the car too. In this I am going to share a few tips on safety when you're out on the road with your children.

Buy the Right Car
You can buy the best car seat in the world, but of course it is crucial that you get a car that is safe for you and your little ones first. So many of us feel that we don’t have much money to spend on the perfect car, but there are so many affordable cars that are safe and sturdy if you do your research. You can buy Vauxhall used cars, and numerous other models, that come with essential safety features such as ISOFIX, and lane assist, as well as those all-important airbags! 

Safety Equipment
No, you don't need to buy your child a hard hat, but you do need to purchase all the necessary protective equipment for your child. Children up to a certain age need appropriate car seats - or a booster seat if they are older / taller. A baby car seat mirror is also handy when you have your child rear-facing, to enable you to keep an eye on them.

Correct Car Seat Installation
After buying a carseat you need to ensure it is correctly installed into your car. Reading the instruction manual is of course a must, no matter how clever you think you are. There is also advice here on the best place to affix the seat in your car, and how to do it properly. For further precautions, you might also want to get the seat inspected by a professional at somewhere like a baby store or a car store such as Halfords. Check this site to find the nearest expert to you.

Keep your Car Clean
If you ever needed an incentive to clean your car, then your child's safety should give you the reason to do so. Any piece of debris can be a choking hazard for your little one, so remove anything that is liable to cause harm such as small toys to pieces of food. Any loose large items can also be fatal if you get into an accident, so make sure to keep these in the boot just in case.

Long car journeys are difficult enough with children in tow, so it's always a good idea to be prepared for these moment. Your child crying or kicking up a fuss can cause a big distraction for the driver, so it's best to keep your little one as entertained as possible. You can purchase specific car toys, or attach their favourite to the handle of their car seat. A back seat dvd player could keep older children amused for a longer period of time too. If your child really doesn't enjoy the car seat, it could also be a good idea for the second passenger to sit in the back, just to reassure them throughout the journey.

It's all Common Sense!
Finally, remember some basics that will protect your child in the car. Double and triple check carseat straps to ensure they aren't too tight (or too loose). Roll down the window a little way to cool your child down when driving in hot temperatures. And never ever leave your child alone in the car for even a moment (there have been many nightmare stories in the media to remind you why you shouldn't). Sometimes it really is just about using your common sense to ensure the best for your child!

Have I missed anything? If you have car safety tips of your own comment below!
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