The Siblings Project | April 2018


I cannot believe another month has passed with these three little loves - time really does fly! Lilah is now 3 month old, and has honestly slotted into our family so perfectly. Every morning all Indie and Parker want to do is see her, and give her all the cuddles and kisses. And this probably doesn't stop throughout the whole day!

Lilah tolerates all the craziness rather well, and you can see just how much love she has for her big brother and sister already. Always giving them beaming smiles whenever they're around, and watching them as they play. Although she is so quiet sometimes you can easily forget she is there... the life of a third child I suppose?

Indie and Parker have spent a lot of time together this month, as they've both been home over the Easter holidays. They're in such a love / hate stage at the moment, and I won't lie, it's exhausting! One minute they are playing together so nicely. Indie is being a caring big sister and they are giggling and smiling away. But then the next minute she doesn't want to play with him, or Parker is being the typical little brother and winding her up.

It's hard to keep up some days, and I feel like a referee constantly separating them and sorting out their arguments. But I'm hoping once we're back to normality, and Indie isn't around so much, they'll enjoy each others company a little bit more. Or at least tolerate it for longer than 5 minutes!

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Oh so cute that you got out in the tulips the weather has been so shocking here over easter spring break so frustrating. hoping it warms up soon and we get back to outdoor playing and park hopping soon. The kids look like they are having a ball here. This will be me soon with three siblings to snap. EEEK Can't wait. #siblingsproject

  2. Ah 3 little cuties. They look like they can't believe mummy has left their baby sister with them :-) I'm hoping the weather man has it right and the sun is on its way next week x

  3. They look so happy to be holding Lilah! I hope the next few weeks are a bit more calm for you xx #SiblingsProject

  4. I can't believe she is three months already! These photos are gorgeous and you're clearly doing amazingly xxx

  5. Lovely photos Emily. The bond is just so lovely to watch isn't it? Lilah is growing so quickly. We need time to slow down. xx

  6. It looks like they are looking after Lilah very well. Happy family. :) #siblinsgproject


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