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I have been lucky enough to try out a number of different baby wraps and carriers with our lovely little Lilah. They have been an absolute essential this third time around, and I can happily say I'm a baby wearing convert now!

From trying out a few, I have come to find that the stretchy baby wrap style is definitely my favourite. The Wuti Wrap from We Made Me is the latest wrap I've been trying, and I've really enjoyed using it so far.

When I first got it out of the box and unwrapped the loooooong piece of material I was a bit concencerned...
How was this piece of material going to hold my baby? 
How on earth did I put it on?

But I had absolutely nothing to worry about! The box comes with an educational baby wearing guide, as well as step by step instructions on how to wear the wrap (complete with lovely illustrations). The wrap has tapered and contrasting coloured edges to help guide you as well.

I found following a video the easiest way to put the wrap on correctly, as it can be a little tricky to get right at the beginning. Now I've been using it for a few weeks though it's become second nature, and I can get the Wuti Wrap on whether I'm at home or out and about!

The wrap is comfortable to wear, as the length of the material means that it gives extra support over your arms and back. Lilah is 3 months now and still feels secure and snuggly when I'm wearing her. The wrap is suitable from birth to 9 months (8 - 35lbs), so I've still got plenty of time to keep wearing her too. There's no need to worry about the wrap getting dirty over this time period either, as it's machine washable at 40°C.
I will say though that the material doesn't feel as stretchy as other wraps I've used in the past. I found when I first started using the wrap I would put it on too tight, and then struggle to get Lilah in. It's definitely a case of trial and error, but like I said above, once you've got the hang of it it's so simple to use. I do love that the mesh design feels extra breathable though - especially now the weather is improving and it's getting hotter!

Overall we've loved using the We Made Me Wuti Wrap. It makes trips out with three little ones so much easier, and I love that Lilah snuggles in and falls asleep when I'm wearing her. The wrap also comes with it's own storage bag which is a perfect little extra, especially as we mainly use it when out and about.
We received the We Made Me Wuti Wrap in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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