Three US States you Need to Visit!


A trip to the USA can involve a lot of hard work and planning, and that's before you even step foot on the plane! The country is home to no less than fifty states, so you'll need to conduct a lot of research if you want to make sure you see the best sights and make the most of your trip. With that in mind, I've picked three different states that I think you MUST visit this year. I promise you won't regret it!


Illinois is a mid-western state that many people seem to overlook when they visit America. The area has a heavy French influence, as it is where many European people settled hundreds of years ago. Chicago is the biggest and best city in Illinois, and so you might like to spend some time there if you enjoy the hustle and bustle. However, there are lots of small towns and cities you should visit, and that is where you will find the real America. The Crazy Tourist and lots of other blogs publish articles that give you a heads up on the best places you won’t want to overlook. 


New Orleans might have been devastated a few years ago by Hurricane Katrina, but the city is thriving once more these days. If you only visit one place in Louisiana, make sure you stop off for at least a few days in New Orleans. It is the jazz and blues capital of the US, and you’ll find streets with hundreds of bars playing live music all day long. It’s also an excellent place to visit during Mardi Gras if you enjoy the festival atmosphere. Best of all? Accommodation and food are both cheap due to the lack of visitors at the moment, and that means you won’t have to wait around to get served at the bars too!


Tennessee is a fantastic place to visit if you enjoy country music history. Home to the iconic city of Memphis, you will find Sun Studios and just about every Elvis-based tour and museum in the country - definitely an essential stop on your adventure. Tennessee is also home to some of the best whiskey and bourbon in the world, and so most people like to visit the Jack Daniels distillery if they have time. You can keep costs down by staying at mom and pops-style hotels. You can also sleep in late, watch country musicians all night, and get a feel for cowboy and cowgirl America.

The USA is a big place, and it would be a shame if you only visited the most popular tourist traps. Don’t hesitate to try something different and visit sites others avoid because that is the bases for an excellent adventure. So why not try one of these three more unique states next time you plan for trip to the States!
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