5 Simple Ways to Redecorate your Child’s Bedroom


I remember dreaming of the perfect nursery when I was expecting Indiana.  Floral prints and cutesy accessories, and of course a design that was all me. But now as she is getting older, and she has her own ideas and favourite things, it's definitely time to update her room. Even more so as she shares a room with her brother, who I'm not sure if so keen on the floral and complete girlyness!

Redecorating doesn't need to involve anything drastic or expensive though. You can make a room look refreshed and new with just a few simple changes! So here's 5 simple ways to redecorate your child's bedroom:

Fresh Paint

Just refreshing the paint on the walls can bring a room back to life! If you went gender neutral (or even extremely girl / boy themed), adding some colour or picking something a bit more toned down can really change how a room looks. We've currently got cream walls in the Littles bedroom, but I'd love to repaint them white with a colourful feature wall.

New Bedding

Letting your child pick out some new bedding can not only update a room, but let them show their personality too. Indiana is still absolutely unicorn obsessed and got lots of unicorn accessories for her recent birthday. J D Williams have a whole collection of unicorn duvet covers and bedding that you can see here - I think even Indie would struggle with what one she'd like most!

Rearrange the Furniture

If the space allows it, just simply moving the furniture you already have around can make a huge difference. It can open up spaces that you previously didn't use or even make more room altogether! We found we had so much more room when we moved the Littles beds - this extra space gave them more room to play and made their room look bigger too!

Personal Art

If your little ones are anything like mine, then you'll have countless pieces of their artwork around the house. So what a better way than to display their art and also jazz up a room, than to use their drawings and paintings as decorations on the wall! Alice shared this fantastic post on how she used Amelia's art work.

Wall Stickers

I know these aren't everyone's cup of tea, but they are a great and relatively low priced way of decorating a room. You can get reusable wall stickers in thousands of designs now, so they're another fantastic way of showing your child's personality in the room too. I know my two would love choosing and sticking their stickers up!

What simple things would you do to redecorate your child's bedroom?
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