Lilah at Three Months Old


Our little Lilah Bear is three months old, and I'm sooo not okay with it. She's growing up and changing far too quickly, and I feel as if I'm going to blink and she'll be running around before I know it!

At 3 months Lilah weighs a dainty little 11 lbs and 14oz. She's just like her big brother and sister and isn't gaining weight very quickly, but the HV wasn't concerned. She's following her curve nicely, and just the other two, I know she'll have those glorious rolls before I know it. This does mean we're still in 0-3 month clothing though, which although I love, it means I'm not getting to put her in her pretty summer clothing during this recent heatwave!

Routine-wise, we've really seemed to have settled into our groove now with Lilah. She wakes most mornings at roughly 7am, and goes to bed around 7pm. She has five 7oz bottles throughout the day (7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm, and a 10pm dreamed), which she takes really well now. We've finally stopped with the Infacol for her wind which - fingers crossed - seems to improved a lot.

Lilah is very much a cat-napper, unless she's in the car or constantly on the move in her pram. But I honestly can't complain too much, as she does sleep through most nights now (occasionally waking for her dummy or a cuddle). I'm still not keeping my hopes up though, as the four month sleep regression is just around the corner... wish us luck!

This month Lilah has really grown and developed, and I don't think we can really call her a newborn anymore... sob! She's cooing (although she's still very quiet), trying to laugh, and she's been rolling from front to back since she was 11 weeks old. She absolutely loves her hands, and just like Parker she settles with a muslin next to her face to snuggle. 

I adore writing these monthly updates, especially as I have all three of the Littles growing up to look back on now. Lilah is so like her big sister Indie. Not just the fact that they are practically twins as babies, but also with their milestones and routine. It's crazy!

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