Lilah at Two Months Old


My goodness are the weeks whizzing by! Our lovely little Lilah is now 11 weeks old (so probably a little closer to three months.. but shh), and is growing and changing so much as each day passes. The last month has been clouded by my PND diagnosis, but that doesn't mean I don't want to document Lilah's milestones and changes.

We finally had her newborn check at 10 weeks old - late because we were away - and Lilah is doing brilliantly. She weighs 11 lbs now, which puts her on the 25th percentile. She's dropped down all the way from the 91st, but that's how all three of our babies have been. I seem to grow them big and they just gain slowly! She's also 56cm long and has a head circumference of 36cm. This check was also followed by her first injections, which she coped with relatively well!

We still don't really have a set routine with Lilah, which I think we're actually enjoying a little more at the moment. She's having 6oz bottles every 3/4 hours (or a little longer if we're out and about), and usually has around 5 bottles a day now. Her last feed is still at 10pm, where we'll pop her in her sleeping bag and feed with minimal distraction and noise, so she knows it's bedtime. She will then sleep through until anywhere between 6 and 8, waking occasionally for her dummy. For now we're so pleased with how she's sleeping, but I'm definitely not holding out hope for this lasting.

Throughout the day she'll feed, have a period of awake time, and then nap. She has around 3-4 naps a day, although these differ in length and really do depend on whether we're out and about or inside. She has really obvious sleepy cues though, so we always try and catch her at the right time for naps.She loves nothing more than to lay in her bouncer watching her toys, or having someone chat away to her as she wriggles about.

Development wise, Lilah has learnt soo much these last few weeks! She is constantly smiling away now, and is usually at her happiest in the mornings when she wakes up. She's a very quiet, content little thing, and isn't really cooing yet. But she does let you know when she's happy or sad - and I promise she really let's you know when she's unhappy!

Lilah has also discovered her hands which is oh so sweet. If she's not watching them wriggle about, they're in her mouth and she's chomping away. I remember this stage so well with the other two - especially the cheesy, fluffy hands they get from having them constantly in their mouths. She loves watching herself in a mirror too, and happily grins away at 'the other baby' she's looking at!

This month Lilah has been on lots of adventures, including her very first holiday to Disneyland Paris! It's crazy how different she already is to just a few weeks ago, and we already cannot wait to see what she'll learn this month. I just wish it didn't go quite so fast...

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