3 Wedding Mistakes NOT to Make!


Every bride wants her wedding day to be special, and something she and her guests will always remember. Planning the wedding of your dreams can be a lot of hard work, but hopefully it will have been worth it when the big day arrives. There are mistakes made at every wedding though; here are just a few you should try to avoid!

The Bride (And Groom)

Most of the focus on any wedding day is on the bride. What is her dress like? What flowers will she be carrying? How many bridesmaids does she have? What you must remember is that there is one other very important person at your wedding - the groom! It is just as vital that he feels well dressed and comfortable. A bespoke suit from a company like Colmore Tailors, can really help with this.

Other important members of your wedding are your guests. They need to have a good time or they might remember your wedding for the wrong reasons. You would hope a pleasing experience will happen naturally, but this isn't always the case. You have to work hard at making sure they will be entertained, and have good food and drink. Make sure to try and speak to everyone during the day too.

Personal Is More Important Than Impressive

You could spend fortunes trying to impress your guests, but personal touches will always mean a lot more. Whether you spend 30p or £30 on centrepieces for tables is irrelevant, but if the wedding reflects who you are as a couple it will be much more successful. It is too easy to lay out far too much money on things that do not matter, but just remember that money isn't everything.

Why not try and make personal touches towards your guests too. If you have place name cards, write something personal on the back of each one. They can then take that away as a memory of your special day

Consider Your Guests

Whatever their situation your guests will have had to make an effort to attend your big day. They may have had to hire babysitters, booked transport or taken time off work. If you want everyone to be able to make it, you need to give them as much information as possible well before the wedding. The whole thing with a wedding is that it is yours and your partner’s day, but if you want it to be successful, you sometimes have to put yourselves last.
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