Lilah at 10 Months Old


I cannot believe how late I am with Lilah's update this month! She turned 10 months a few weeks ago now, but with Indiana's birthday and everyone being poorly, it's been difficult to find time to sit down and write. I haven't had time to take her to the weighing clinic either, so I don't have an update on her weight this month. But it has been a really exciting one!

Lilah is definitely growing well and is now fully in 9-12 month clothing. She's still a petite little lady though, and everyone always comments on how small she is for her age. Although what she doesn't have in size, she definitely makes up for in personality. She is constantly chatting and squealing away (she now says mama!), and my goodness does she make herself known when she isn't happy with something. She will stomp her feet at you and tantrum like a teenager when she doesn't get her own way sometimes. And although it's loud and hard work sometimes, can actually be rather cute!

Meal times are still her favourite part of the day, and Lilah loves most things put in front of her. She's getting really good with her pincer grip, and preloaded spoons are a little less messier now. As well as her meals she's still having three bottles a day - although she's not too fussed about her 3pm bottle some days, so I reckon we'll be dropping this one soon.

There have been some huge developments with Lilah this month, and she's quickly becoming a little girl and not a baby anymore. Two more teeth have popped through giving her a total of 8 already. And most exciting of all... she took her first steps! Very quickly she's learnt to stand herself up independently, take 3-4 steps, and can crouch and stand back up again if she falls.

I always knew those first steps weren't far off, but I still couldn't believe it when she did it. And despite Lilah being our third baby, those steps were still just as special. And probably the most bittersweet too, as it feels as if those baby days are coming to and end for the last time. And I don't think I'm ready!

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