5 Steps to a Stress-Free Wedding


The process of planning a wedding can sometimes be a little very overwhelming. As well as sometimes being more frustrating that you would like it to be! Rather than getting down or letting out your frustration on those around you, you should work gradually towards your end goal. Setting milestones for yourself that you can tick off as you go along. It’s not only a good way of tracking the process, and but splitting things into bitesize chunks makes them more manageable too.

A Successful Engagement
Let’s start right at the beginning - because nothing can start until you've achieved a successful engagement. That's the most important thing of all when you're starting the process of planning a wedding. If you haven’t proposed yet, finding the right ring will be vital, and 77 Diamonds engagement rings might be worth considering. You’ll want to get the proposal just right and make it memorable!

Narrowing Down the Guest-List
The guest-list is perhaps one of the most stress things to work out when you’re planning a wedding. You don’t want to miss anyone off, or make anyone feel bad that they’re not invited. So try to approach it carefully; taking everyone’s feelings into account. At the same time, you should remember that a bigger guest-list will mean a bigger and more expensive wedding too. So don't just invite people for the sake of it.

Booking the Ideal Venue
Once you’ve got the venue confirmed, the whole wedding usually starts to come together and feel more real. That might sound like a strange thing to say, but when you can visualise the location in which your wedding is going to happen, it definitely does start to feel more real! So booking the venue is a major milestone that you’re going to be working towards when you start planning.

Finding the Dress
Another special moment is finding your dream wedding dress. When you put on that dress and it looks exactly how you wanted it to in your imagination, there’s no better feeling you can experience. It might take many days (or weeks) of searching and trying on wedding dresses, but it’s all worth it when you find 'the one'.

Reaching the Big Day Without Becoming a Bridezilla
If you manage to get to the big day of your wedding without turning into the worst kind of bridezilla, then you will have certainly achieved something that many brides don’t! With all the stress and planning that goes into a wedding, it's no surprise brides go a bit crazy some of the time.

There are many milestones that you’ll pass on the way towards getting married, but the ones mentioned here are probably the most important ones. When you tick each of them off you should stop to appreciate your efforts, and be happy that your wedding preparations are moving in the right direction. Good luck!

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