Lilah at Nine Months


Those 40 weeks of pregnancy seem to go by oh so slowly - especially towards the end when you're just waiting for the day you'll go into labour. But once your baby is born, those weeks seem to fly by so so quickly. Especially when you've already go older children!

Lilah is now 9 months old and I just cannot believe it. She's actually 40 weeks, meaning she has been out the same number of weeks she grew in my tummy for too - how crazy is that?! She has finally reached the 18lb mark too (18lbs 5oz to be exact), meaning she is now double her birth weight. Size 6-9 month clothing is becoming a litte small, so I think we'll be slowly transitioning to the next size over the next few weeks

I'm actually a little upset that Lilah's two front teeth have finally popped through, meaning she has 6 teeth now. Her toothy smile is soo sweet though, and they've defintely helped her with eating. She absolutely LOVES her food, and will actually get angry if you don't give her food fast enough. Banging on her tray, screeching at you, and trying to steal your food too - it's so funny!

Development wise Lilah is still mostly speed crawling, climbing and cruising. She is pulling herself to stand solo constantly though (which was terrifying at the beach yesterday), and can now stand by herself for about 10 seconds. I don't think walking is that far off now, so wish us luck!

She is such a happy and vocal little baby, and is constantly chatting away in her own little language. We still haven't got a proper 'mama' out of yet, but she can wave and say 'bye'. And if anyone says mama to her she instantly looks at me, so I guess she knows who I am at least!

The biggest development this month is probably the start of separation anxiety. She hates being left (especially by Jack), and will scream and cry until the second you pick her up. It's making getting things done a little trickier, and she really hates being left in her buggy when I have to go into the classroom to pick the big two up. Any advice would be really appreciated!

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