The Siblings Project | August 2018


Who knew getting pictures of three little people was such a challenge? This month's Siblings Projects pictures aren't the greatest, and they're incredibly late, but I know I'll still treasure these in years to come! My three little Peachicks, now aged 4.5, 3 and 7 months.

These last fews weeks have been full of wonderful moments, stressful moments and some of my absolute favourite moments since we've had all three. When the Summer holidays began I admit I was nervous to have all three at home for 6 whole weeks. But now we're reaching the start of September, I actually don't want them them to end.

It's been oh so lovely to have lazy mornings all snuggled in bed together. No running around to get dressed, or rushing to finish breakfast. We've been able to do as we please and take each day as it comes - something I know will definitely be off the cards once September arrives, and school runs will run our lives.

Of course these last few weeks have been full of arguments, fighting and constant competition for my attention too. But all that aside, I know they've loved having each other to play with! Indie and Parker have been playing PJ Masks together most days, and now Lilah is so mobile, she loves to follow them around and watch what they're up to.

Speaking of Lilah being on the move, I feel as if they dynamic of our trio is definitely going to be changing soon. She is crawling, standing, and almost cruising; so gone are the days where the big two can play and she can't get to them. She's already destroying train tracks and trying to get her hands on their Lego! I just hope she becomes a new little play mate, and they don't find their baby sister too annoying...

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