The Best of Ireland this Autumn


Ireland is a fantastic place to visit at any time of year, as whilst it isn’t known for its sunny weather, it’s incredibly atmospheric and the people are fantastically friendly. There’s also a lot of variety to be found in Ireland - on the one hand, you can be in the modern metropolis of Dublin which is quaint yet packed with things to do, then on the other hand, you could find yourself in a tiny little village where the accent will be so broad, you’ll struggle to understand what they’re saying.

The thing with Ireland however, is that there are many 'hidden gems' that you’re unlikely to know about, unless you go on a tour with a company such as Although if this isn’t for you, a good option would be to rent a car and explore for yourself! Ireland is a rugged, rustic and rural place that really does require a car to squeeze the most out of it.

With the Summer drawing to a close, I think all of us are getting excited for the cooler months, and special events ahead. So I am going to be sharing three fun things to do in Ireland this Autumn.

Celebrate Halloween
Did you know that Halloween was actually invented in Ireland? It was voted in a poll by USA Today as the best Halloween spot in the world! The Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival in Derry even beat the world famous Halloween spots such as Salem and Transylvania.

Get Locked in a Pub
Irish traditional music session tends to take place in a pub, with a copious flow of alcohol and a bunch of merry men playing a variety of instruments, and the local crowd all joining in the atmosphere by dancing and clapping. And although this sounds like an adults only kind of affair, these environments are perfectly friendly places for kids to hang out - in fact, they’re likely to get a lot of warm attention from the locals, and it’s a great way to build their social confidence in a warm and friendly environment.

These gatherings are often extend into the early hours - way beyond closing time. With a blazing open fire to keep you cosy from the howling wind and rain, it really is the very spirit of Ireland. You’re sure to make some new friends!

Celebrate the Harvest Festival
In Ireland, you’ll have access to a variety of farmers markets, some big and some small, where you’ll have the chance to pick up fresh food, straight from the farm. These farmers markets can be found throughout Ireland, yet one of the best is the English Market in Cork.
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