Parker's 3 Year Update


I cannot believe our beautiful baby boy is already 3! We celebrated with a wonderful day out at Legoland on his actual birthday, and had a little family party at home the weekend before. Parker had the best time celebrating, and hasn't stopped talking about his birthday since.

I last shared an update on Parker at 2 1/2, and he has changed and grown so much since then. He's roughly 0.9 metres tall (according to the measuring charts at theme parks!), and fitting nicely in 2-3 and some 3-4 year old clothing. I have absolutely no idea how much he weighs, but we have no concerns.

He's lost most of his 'babyness' though and has developed such a grown up face. It makes me so sad that he does have his chubby cheeks and baby squish anymore. But he has got the most gorgeous little freckles now, which are something I'm a little glad he's got from me.

After a bit of a regression when Lilah was born, Parker has done soo well with potty training. He is completely dry both day and night, and he has no issues telling you when he needs to go - not having to worry about being near a loo when out is such a good feeling!

Parker still eats like an absolute trooper too, although he has started to become fussier about certain foods - including things he used to enjoy! His favourite meal of the day is probably breakfast, followed closely by pudding (although I don't blame him for that one). He would snack all day long if we let him too, which is exactly what I expected from our cheeky boy.

Development wise Parker is really blossoming now. He loves to sing and dance, and he is starting to play independently really well too. He is still a little shy around adults, but makes friends with other children really well - although sharing is still a pretty big issue! His favourite playmates at the moment are his sisters. He really looks up to Indiana and wants to do everything she does, and he loves showing Lilah all of his toys and snuggling her. 

Parker loves to chat (he never stops talking!), riding his scooter, building train and Toot Toot tracks, PJ Masks and Paw Patrol, dancing, watching Youtube Kids, getting messy, exploring and getting into mischief.

Parker hates talking to strangers, creepy crawlies (he's not a spider fan!), being made to share, not being able to do something (he's rather upset he's not starting big school), and having the iPad taken away.

We have some big changes coming up in the next few months. He'll be going to preschool 3 full days a week from September, and all on his own too. He's already agreed to send his dummy to Father Christmas this year too - I don't think he'll be letting go of his muzzies anytime soon though!

You can see how Indiana was getting on at three here.

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