Flying Long Haul with Children Made Easy!


The thought of opting for a long haul trip can be daunting, and can be enough to put some families off visiting certain destinations. But it needn’t be this way! Take a look at this guide to help you work out how you can experience some far flung destinations with your little ones, with a lot less stress.


Preparation is the key. There is no point in trying to book a last minute exotic trip to somewhere you haven't researched. It will turn into the most chaotic fortnight of your life! Instead, spend a few months honing where you want to go, what you want to see and the sorts of activities you would like to find. Make sure that you draft out a basic itinerary too, to make it less stressful when you arrive.

Boredom is usually the main reason for your children switching from angelic cherubs into little demons. Don’t allow them to get fidgety or frustrated, by filling up their days with new and exciting experiences. You might want to consider a trip to the Inca trails of Peru, a jaunt to the beautiful Maldives or a foray to the Far East. As long as you are prepared, you have half of the battle won.

Know what you need to pack early on too and make a list using some of the ideas mentioned on The Telegraph. If your darling daughter cannot go anywhere outside of your house without their security blanket or a favourite toy, make sure this is packed in hand luggage immediately (just be careful not to lose it!). Pack some games, toys, and snacks so that there is an air of familiarity for your little ones. You want them to experience something new and different, but you don't want them to fear travel due to culture shock.

Where To Stay

Heading long haul means that you place a lot more faith in where you end up staying for the duration of your vacation. If you are travelling somewhere where you plan on moving hotels more often, this is inevitably going to be more stressful with little ones. Try to ensure that you stay in a place for at least three nights to allow your family to become immersed in a place. Moving nightly causes untold amounts of stress and your little ones may find it difficult to settle and to sleep in an ever-changing environment.

Alternatively, if you are staying in a place long term, you might want to look at apartments rather than hotels. The homes away from home available on sites like can make worrying about accommodation less of a concern. Travel to Indonesia, put roots down at a base and enjoy exploring the region from your apartment. You will have a kitchen area to cook your own food, have somewhere to wash your clothes, and have a generally more comfortable time while you are away from home.

Where To Go

If you are keen to explore the great outdoors, then a trip to Iceland, snowshoeing across glaciers and trekking near frozen waterfalls, can be awe-inspiring. You might want to take a tour to try and spot the Northern Lights and tick this natural phenomenon off your bucket list. The people are friendly, the region is very family oriented, and it is a safe country to visit.

If physical endeavours aren’t really your thing, but you do fancy exploring a part of the globe relatively untouched by tourists, perhaps hot-footing it to the Far East could be an option. Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan each have their own personalities, culture, and ethos ready to explore. If you want to get a little off the beaten track, you don’t have to head to Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka. Instead, take a bullet train and ferry to the stunningly beautiful and awe-inspiring island of Miyajima. Here, your family can enjoy staying in a traditional ryokan, you can climb a mountain, do a spot of temple hopping and enjoy finding out about the wildlife on the island. Peaceful and off the tourist trail,  Miyajima could be just what your family is looking.

There’s nothing better than trying to teach your offspring about different cultures, people, and environments across the globe. The best way to show them these aspects of life is to go and visit and immerse yourself in these regions for an extended period of time. Enthuse your brood with a love of travel from an early age and don’t fear the long haul trip with kids. It can be done!

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