Lilah at Seven Months


I'm pretty sure I was just typing up Lilah's 6 month update, and now she is 7 months old. I've almost lost track of how many weeks she is (it's 32, I had to google it!), as they all just blur into one these days. They go too fast!

I popped back to the clinic the day Lilah turned 7 months, expecting her to have put on quite a bit of weight. But she's still a teeny tot, at just 16lbs 12oz. She's now in a combination of 3-6 and 6-9 month clothing, and size 4 nappies. Although she is slowly growing out of the smaller bits. She's now got both of her bottom teeth too, giving her the cutest little grin.

This month we finally dropped the 10pm dreamfeed, meaning she has a total of four 8oz bottles a day. She's eating three meals a day now too, which she is absolutely loving! I don't think we've found anything she doesn't like yet, and just like the older two, fruit is her favourite at the moment. She's properly chewing and swallowing the food now too, which I was really surprised about - especially only a month into baby led weaning. But I think it just shows how ready she was to starting her weaning journey!

This last month has been a huge developmental leap for Lilah. She is now sitting steadily, and can get from this position down to crawling with ease. After a week of rocking, she crawls on her knees properly most of the time too. And her newest trick is pulling to stand... and cruising!

There is absolutely no stopping our little bear anymore. She crawls around after you, climbs on everything and everyone, and loves getting into mischief. Thankfully we hadn't taken down the stairgates yet, so we can contain her a little bit! And with her standing, it was time to pack away our beloved Huddle co-sleeper. She's now sleeping in her cotbed, sharing a room with the older two. And for now it's going really well.

Toys such as her jumper, bouncer and snug seat are all tucked away in the corner now, as she just wants to stand instead. And we really don't think walking is too many months away, as she's already taking steps when you hold her hands. She's just too big.

Oh and guess what her first word was? Da-Da of course!

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