Parker at 2 1/2 Years Old


I used to love write monthly updates about my littles, but of course as they got older these got less and less. So I thought as Parker is now over 2 1/2, it was time to share a little update on him! He has changed so much since his second birthday. He's definitely more of a little boy now than a toddler, not only in his looks but with his development and personality too.

Parker talks constantly, and there's only a few words that we struggle to understand now. He can have full conversations with you, and boy can he argue! He's definitely picked up some cheeky phrases from his big sister, and we're currently well into the 'why?' stage. He is still incredibly shy when it comes to strangers talking to him though. He can be chatting away and then as soon as someone talks (or sometimes just looks at him), he shuts down and hides away.

Development wise he's coming on in leaps and bounds. He can now count up to 15, and thanks to the help of his big sister, he is really trying with his alphabet and shapes. At the start of January we enrolled him at the same Preschool as Indiana, for a couple of mornings a week. I was worried he'd feel a little lost, as he's never really spent time apart from myself or Jack. But he absolutely loves going! He's settled in so well, and you wouldn't think he was one of the younger ones there.

Another big milestone for Parker, is that we have taken him out of nappies. We completely followed his lead with potty training, and he has taken to it really well. He started at the beginning of December just before Lilah was born, and I will say we have noticed a regression since she arrived. We're still persevering though as he's doing so well in general, I just hope he settles back into it a bit more now Lilah isn't so new.

Parker still has his cheeky personality, and my goodness have we been experiencing the 'terrible twos' in full force. We thought he was bad before his second birthday, but he has really taken things to the next level over the last few months. Not listening, doing 'naughty' things on purpose, annoying his sister... the list is endless! He is generally such a sweet little boy though, and loves nothing more than cuddles and kisses - especially with his sisters.

Parker loves to sing and dance, preschool, running wild and free, being silly with daddy, allllll the food, and being a new big brother!

Parker hates sitting still, being out in the cold (he's not loving this winter weather at all!), talking to people he doesn't know and being told what to do...

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