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Singapore is not a destination that most people think of when planning a trip. But it is full of excitement and sites to see, that even some of the locals don't know about! Today I am going to share a selection of things that I think you must do if you visit Singapore.

Tree Top Walk at MacRitchie

MacRitchie is a beautiful nature reserve, that has a suspension bridge through the treetops. It connects the two highest points of the park and will give you views of the different parts of the forest. It takes about an hour to walk to from the car park, and a bit longer than that to cross it, but it will definitely be worth it! Just one word of warning though - mosquitos love it as well, so make sure you are well sprayed with repellent before walking across the bridge.

Forest Adventure

This is said to be one of the most underrated experiences in Singapore, and most locals do not even know it exists. Forest Adventure is a very challenging obstacle course that includes lots of climbing, zip lines and finishes with a free fall at the end. The safety system is amazing, and even though you feel you are taking risks, you are of course safe at all times. Corporate bodies often use it as a team-building exercise, and it is good for bonding sessions or just having fun. This is a fantastic experience, that barring medical conditions, everyone should try.

Surfing At Wavehouse

The sea around Singapore is known for its lack of waves, which might be perfect for swimmers, but is not much good if surfing is what you want to do. If surfing is what you are after though, Wavehouse if the place to go. The wave simulator can create them up to 10 foot high making it very popular with tourists. They also have a pool, bar surf shop, and restaurant for you to finish your day off at Wavehouse.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is considered to be one of the best there is! The animals are well looked after and they have plenty of open space to live in. Their environments have been thoughtfully built and landscaped to make them as near to their natural habitat as possible. Animals are even separated from visitors by moats and wooden fences - but don't worry, there are elevated platforms and viewing galleries so you can see the animals.

Their 300 species of animals include white tigers, Asian elephants, pygmy hippos, otters, and kangaroos, as well as reptiles and birds. The most popular though are the large families of orangutans and chimpanzees who provide many hours of pleasure for zoo visitors. You can walk around the zoo or take a guided tram tour with audio commentary too.

Public Swimming Pools

Public swimming pools in Singapore are nothing like the ones here. For an entrance fee of just $1.50, you get to use wave pools, slides, jacuzzis and both indoor and outdoor pools. They are spotlessly clean, just like everywhere else in this wonderful city, and much underused. You can go to any one of them and not find many people there at all.

Cycling in Pulau Ubin

While you’re travelling in Singapore, you simply must take a very short boat ride to this island just of the coast of Singapore. For $5 a day you can hire a bicycle to explore around the area, with views that will never leave you. There are a few locals on the island, but it is mainly a case of riding through natural habitats and landscapes, the best of Singapore’s eco-systems being located at one end of the island.

Stay Local

Of course, there are plenty of good quality accommodations for tourists in Singapore, but why not experience living more like the locals do. Renting an apartment during your stay will let you make more connections with the people that live there, who are said to be some of the friendliest around. Just make sure you know the hdb rental rules first. It’s pretty simple to rent, but it pays to be prepared. 

Board Game Cafes

Leave technology behind, gather a few friends and have a great evening of fun in a board game café. This is a fun social activity that will be much better than sitting in a darkened room watching a film! It can cost as little as $2 an hour to hire the games, and there is always drinks and snacks so that you do not go without while you are playing.

The National Museum

The beauty of this museum is that before you even go inside, the building itself is incredibly to see. The architecture is a sheer delight and as you walk through the doorways, you should check out the rooms you are entering before looking at any of the exhibits.

It has two parts to the building that are joined by a huge glass concourse. The Singapore History Gallery with its stunning display of a day in the life of Singapore is a magical experience for anyone the least bit interested in the past. The displays are changed periodically, but there is so much to see here, you could easily spend a full day wandering around and admission is free.

Midnight Shopping at the Mustafa Centre

Located in the heart of Little India, the Mustafa Centre is the only shopping mall in Singapore that is open 24 hours. Go along at midnight and it will be quieter than in the day, but it will still be very busy. There is not much you cannot buy there, and it is renowned for its low prices. Both the locals and tourists love the Mustafa Centre and if you have the urge to shop late at night, this will be the place to head for.

Picnic In The Botanic Gardens

If you ask the locals where the best picnic spot is on the island, most of them will tell you the Botanic Gardens. If you do not have the inclination to make your own picnic, there are several shops nearby that will put one together for you too. You can spend a few lazy hours relaxing in the gardens, and take a stroll through the many plants and trees in this beautiful place. There is an orchard garden within the boundaries, but that will cost you an extra $5 to get in to.

Haji Lane

Visit Haji Lane in the daytime and you will find independent Singapore designers showing their creations in the local stores. It is one of those places where you will find original clothing at a very reasonable price, but come evening time and the whole atmosphere changes in just a few minutes.

The stores close and the cafes and restaurants spill out onto the pavements. You can sit back and relax in Haji Lane and be entertained by the many street performers, who make their way here on Tuesday to Sunday evenings each week.

Lots More To Do In Singapore

It is said that many people are put off visiting this wonderful island because it is too clean, and because they are strict with their litter law. But surely that is a plus, right? To be able to move around without overflowing bins, without stepping on chewing gum and without worrying if the bench you are about to sit on is clean, has to be better than the situation you find in any of the large cities around the world.

It is not just the streets though. Whatever attraction, stores, apartments or anywhere else you go while on the island you will find they are well maintained and kept clean, as well as being great fun!
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