Lilah at One Month Old


Oh little Lilah Bear, how are you already one month old?

One month of broken sleep, constant nappy changes and countless bottles washed. But my goodness, it's all worth it for that little bundle of love isn't it? And it's crazy just how quickly you adapt to the new normal too - it really feels as if Lilah has been part of our family forever!

So at one month old, Lilah is now weighing 9lbs 12oz (which is 10oz up from 2 weeks ago) and almost out of up to 1 month clothing. We switched to formula and bottle feeding at around a week for number of reasons. She dropped a lot of weight in the first few days, was never satisfied (and I mean NEVER), and I just didn't feel it was working for us personally.

It was completely the right decision for us though, and she is thriving on formula now. I know breast is best, but for us it just works! She has around 3-4oz every 3 to 4 hours, and has already got herself into a nice little routine. It's nothing too strict yet though, as we're still very much in the eat, awake for a little bit, sleep, repeat, newborn cycle still.

Saying that though, we're definitely getting to enjoy awake periods for a little bit longer now. Lilah is oh so alert and loves to sit in her bouncer, or just lay on our bed just watching the world go by. Of course she's usually got one sibling or the other close by to chat too, which she seems to enjoy. She's soo close to smiling now too, and I have no doubt those first smiles will be for her big brother and sister!

We are unfortunately struggling with wind and colic, and she's already suffering with her first cold the poor little thing. We've been through colic with both of the older two though, so we were quick to pop out and get Infacol this time, which does seem to help. On those horrible colicky evenings she loves nothing more than to snuggle up against Jack - he has to be standing though.

I have definitely tried to embrace the fourth trimester a lot more this time around, and Lilah is never really far from Jack or myself. She's sleeping in her Knuma Huddle (in her Sleepyhead which is amazing), so she's close enough to touch at night. There isn't really a day that goes by where I'm not carrying her in the wrap either, which is something we both absolutely love!

It's definitely been a challenging month, adjusting to life with three little ones. But Lilah has just slotted into our family beautifully, and three definitely feels like our magic number. She's oh so loved by all of us, and I just cannot wait to watch her grow each month. It already feels as if it's going too fast though.. she's already 5 weeks old today. Agh!

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