The Siblings Project | February 2018


Another late Siblings post, but life is still a little bit crazy with three little ones to look after! It's crazy that Lilah has now been a part of our family for almost 5 weeks. They've been exhausting. They've been hectic. But my goodness have they been full of love!

We took this month's siblings project pictures on a rare sunny day at the beach. It was one of the best days out we've had in a long time (definitely helped by the warmer, sunny weather), so of course we wanted to capture the moment. Although they're not perfect - featuring the many faces of our cheeky little Parker - I'm definitely going to look back on them and remember the lovely day we had.

This last month has been a definite learning curve. With Jack back at work, I've had to learn to juggle all three. We've quickly found our groove though, and it's as if Lilah has been here forever already! Indie and Parker are both just as obsessed with her too, and constantly want to cover her in kisses and give her snuggles. It's so lovely, although I do wish they would give her a bit of space sometimes...

My big two have been on half term this last week, and although they've had some lovely moments playing together, we've had lots of arguments and bickering too. They are both at an age (4 and 2.5) where they need a little space from each other I think, so roll on the regular routine on Monday! Indie especially loves to play independently, and I think she easily gets annoyed when her little brother doesn't understand how to play.

Overall though, we've had a good month! They big two are settling into their new rolls nicely, and they've been coping pretty well with the change a new baby brings too. Parker was acting up a little in those first few weeks, but now I think it's more the terrible twos we're dealing with than jealously thankfully!

I'm still pinching myself that I have three little loves. A brother and his two sisters. How lucky am I?

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Oh look at those little beauties! That is one super proud big sister there, I have to say. So gorgeous and lovely to see how well Lilah has slotted into your family :) #siblings

  2. Awwww I love these Emily. They are adorable pictures. She looks very content with the other two. :) #siblingsproject


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