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When Indiana and Parker were little, the one thing I knew we could rely on to settle them was white noise. Whether that was popping the hairdryer or vacuum on during the day, or playing countless white noise videos on Youtube - it worked! But this wasn't always practical, and we were soon hunting for a better way to play the white noise.

We had a 'soothing seahorse' with Indie that played a selection of melodies. It didn't last long though, and the bright light it emitted wasn't great either. With Parker we tried Ewan the Dream Sheep. But with it's large size meaning we struggled to place it anywhere in the moses basket, and the fact we had TWO break within a few weeks. We gave up with him in the end, and went back to white noise on our phones.

So when I was looking for baby products when I was expecting Lilah, and I came across Whisbear The Humming Bear, I was understandably skeptical.

What made this sleep aid any different than the ones we had tried previously? 

But now Lilah is here, and we've been using the Whisbear religiously for over a month now, I can tell you just how fab it is!

Whisbear The Humming Bear is different from other sleep aids, thanks to the addition of it's CRYSensor. The bear is designed to help soothe and settle babies with it's gentle hairdryer-like sound (similar to the soothing sound baby would hear from the womb).

With a click of the button, Whisbear will emit an initial 40 minutes of the soothing sound. It doesn't just shut off once this is completed though, instead switching to standby mode. If it hears baby cry or fuss loudly, it will automatically switch itself back on for a further 20 minutes - in theory settling baby before they wake fully. I have found that any loud noise (coughing, dropping something, etc) will set it off, although this isn't the end of the world.

You can also just switch it straight onto the CRYSensor mode, without the initial 40 minutes of shushing. This is a fab addition if you want to use it when baby is already in a deep sleep, or when out and about. We haven't really used this mode yet, as we find it best to just switch it on as soon as we lay Lilah down.

Another fantastic feature of the Whisbear is it's magnetic legs. These allow you to attach it to practically anything with ease! We pop it over the side of our co-sleeper or the moses basket, but you could easily attach it to the carseat or bouncer too.

Of course like any product we have found a few issues with the Whisbear. Firstly I find the volume adjust to be quite fiddly. You have to switch it on, wait for around 10 seconds and then hold down the sensor. The volume will rise and then switch off, so I found myself having to do it a couple of times before finding the volume I want. The batteries do drain quite quickly as well - ours is already in need of new ones after a month of use. Although I am very happy to do this if it continues to work so well!

Whisbear The Humming Bear comes is a selection of colour ways and is suitable from birth, due to it's high quality tested fabrics and hypoallergenic filling. The legs and ears also have rustling elements for baby to enjoy when they're a little bit bigger - as if you pop the little CRYSensor out of the bear's head, it's a perfect cuddly toy too!

Whisbear The Humming Bear has definitely been helping us get a little more sleep at night. Lilah settles so much better when we turn it on, and I absolutely love the CRYSensor feature. It currently retails at around £49.99 and is available at John Lewis, Amazon, and Kidly.

We received this product in exchange for our review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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