The Siblings Project | May 2018


Of course for this month's siblings project photos we had to hunt down some bluebells. I think it's going to become one of our new yearly traditions! The trip wasn't quite what we expected though - lots of mud, red ant attacks and almost not finding any bluebells at all... but it was definitely worth it for these lovely memories.

May has been an oh so lovely month so far. Helped of course by the return of the glorious weather and long bank holiday weekends. Getting out and about definitely makes all the difference with Indie and Parker. Does anyone else find that?

At home they bicker and argue over the littlest things. They can't even sit next to each other for longer than 5 minutes without someone annoying the other! But it's as if the fresh air has something magic in it when we're out - they play soo nicely and want to be in each others company. Their new favourite game is to play Dora the Explorer (Indie's Dora and Parker is Boots apparently), and run along holding hands. I just wish they could play this way at home too!

Lilah is now 4 months old, and becoming more interactive as each day passes. The older two are still absolutely obsessed with her, and honestly I think the feeling is finally becoming mutual! She gives them her biggest smiles, and her very first giggle was because Indie was making her laugh.

When Indie has been at preschool all day, the first she asks for (even before a snack) is if she can give Lilah a cuddle. And they both rush to her bedside in the mornings to give her squishes and kisses. It's so lovely to know how much they adore their baby sister. I was worried a third would have an affect on the bond Indie and Parker have, but I really had nothing to worry about. They absolutely adore her!

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. How gorgeous is their relationship?? I love that Indie comes back from nursery wanting cuddles with Lilah xx

  2. I laughed at your red ants comment... isn't that the truth?! Behind every picturesque sibling picture there's a bit of drama!! I find that there is something about nature too... always seems to dissolve any problems. Lovely pictures of your little brood!

  3. Oh Em, these photos are lovely! Definitely worth the fun trying to get them, we had very similar for ours with the mud! x

  4. Oh god yes can totally relate with the outdoors being like magic thing! My two are exactly the same, worst enemies indoors and best buds outdoors! Those photos of the three of them are just beautiful. xx

  5. So So worth it! I love the bluebells and it is a tradition for us now too. and yes I find parenting so much easier when the sun shines, so much easier to be a yes Mum too. x

  6. The bluebells backdrop makes for lovely pictures, I must go find some! Your little ones look like great friends x

  7. These are gorgeous, Parker looks so gentle with his baby sister. The sun definitely makes life easier x


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