Survey Reveals Funny Phone Mishaps at Home


As a nation, we Brits really do love our gadgets and we do strive very hard to protect them. There is a booming market in phone and tablet cases, screen protectors and even solutions that can make our gadgets waterproof. Despite all of this effort to protect our devices however, it seems that accidents are still happening, and that they are costing us a lot of money.

A survey reported on by PCR magazine in 2016, revealed that Brits had spent a whopping £3 billion on replacing gadgets over a 5 year period. With the cost of our gadgets increasing each year, as better technology is invented, now is probably the best time to consider insurance products for these gadgets.

It’s easy to think when we buy a new phone or tablet, that we are going to love it so much that we will take extra special care of it. We'll buy a phone case and a screen protecter, and then think we don't need to spend any more money on insurance. After all, we’re adults, we can look after a phone without dropping it, or keep it away from water. Can't we?

A survey from Switched on Insurance however, has revealed that this is not always this case. It seems that however hard we try to look after our gadgets, there are times when you just cannot prevent the situation. I know I am guilty of passing my phone to the little ones when out and about, and there have been many occasions where I've left it on the side, only to find them playing with it 5 minutes later!

Apparently I'm not alone though, as the survey revealed that 28% of parents report doing this (and then regretting it as their child has dropped and damaged their device). Would the possibility of breaking my phone stop me from passing it over in a moment of need though? Probably not!

Another 20% of Brits even reported that their dog had chewed their device - is there really any way they could have prevented this? I know a lot of people - myself included - take their devices with them to the bathroom too (there's nothing better than a bubble bath and Netflix). There's just no way of knowing that your phone might end up down the loo, or dropped in the bath is there?

Maybe we should bare this survey in mind the next time we are offered insurance for our gadgets. I know that I would much rather pay a smaller amount each month or upfront with my purchase, then have to fork out a large amount when the inevitable happens and my device is damaged. If this article has convinced you, you can research more about gadget insurance on

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